USFNation Game Grades: West Virginia

The USF football team found it's mojo and with a 30-19 win over the West Virginia Friday. Find out how the staff at USFNation graded each position from the Bulls 30-19 win over the Mountaineers.

QUARTERBACKS (A-): B.J. Daniels did what very few players with his limited experience do -- he took matters into his own hands. Staring a major slide in the face Daniels accounted for 336 total yards (232 passing, 104 rushing) and three touchdowns. It was the type of performance that the Bulls needed from someone and with Daniels controlling every snap, who else was better to provide it? It was a special performance from a special player and Bulls fans hope it's just the beginning.

RUNNING BACKS (B): One guy gets the carries and he gets into a groove. Go figure. With Daniels breaking off big runs it was great to see Mo Plancher provide a change of pace and keep the West Virginia defense honest. 18 carries for 86 yards isn't going to break any records, but a 4.8 average per carry is a good number and it helped the Bulls avoid long-yardage situations. Don't underestimate Richard Kelly's blocking in tight spaces either.

WIDE RECEIVERS (B+): Despite being punished for a few drops, this unit and particularly Carlton Mitchell needed to have a productive night like this. With Mike Canales loosening up a bit it seem to have a positive affect on the wide receivers.

OFFENSIVE LINE (A-): Sometimes having a dynamic player like B.J. Daniels is tough to block for (take it from experience). The unit can occasionally be guilty of watching the player instead of blocking for him and trying to guess what he's going to do next. But the USF line came to play Friday and establish the physical presence of the team. They bonded together and unleashed a few weeks of frustration on West Virginia.

OFFENSIVE COACHING (A): The highest mark of the week goes to coach Mike Canales for making the adjustments before the adjustments made themselves. He took a step back and realized he might be have forcing the issues a little too much and rather than stress every single basic he put it on his players to go out there and make positive plays.

DEFENSIVE LINE (B+): The defensive line created havoc and neutralized Noel Devine and the Mountaineer running game, holding them to a skewed 3.4 YPC (thanks in part to a 19-yard end around by Tavon Austin). For a team that runs the perimeter like West Virginia, the line stayed at home and did a great job of sealing the edges and providing containment on the gaps.

LINEBACKERS (A-): Welcome to the party Chris Robinson, Kion Wilson appreciates your help. The linebackers received a lot of assistance from the defensive line but they also made their presence felt for the first time in a while. It wasn't completely perfect, but it was extremely close.

SECONDARY (B): The secret to a strong secondary performance against West Virginia is to keep them from busting something over the top from a play that appeared to be broken. The unit performed controlled aggression. They gave up a couple of plays but that's expected from West Virginia. They didn't, however, give up a play that changed the momentum. Good job.

SPECIAL TEAMS (B): Eric Schwartz was the consistent placekicker the Bulls needed, his kickoffs remain a major albatross, however, and continue to force the defense to defend a shorter field. Delbert Alvarado didn't pin the Mountaineers with his punting but he tried to eliminate the return game. Jock Sanders only had one big return, but USF's return game wasn't particularly impressive.

DEFENSIVE COACHING (B+): Jim Tresey wanted more activity from his defensive line, he got it. He wanted another linebacker to step up to assist Kion Wilson, he got it. He wanted his secondary to tighten their coverage and he got it. He put together the right plan for the right team.

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