Rutgers Schiano, Got Bulls on his Mind

With the team on a bye week, Rutgers coach Greg Schiano talks about the upcoming matchup with the Bulls next Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN. Coach Schiano talks about the challenges the Bulls present on both offense & defense.

Rutgers Coach Greg Shiano held his weekly press conference as the Scarlet Knights prepare to face South Florida.

"So far it has been a pretty good bye week. We are working on fundamentals as well as preparing for South Florida. We are getting a little bit of both which is good. On Saturday, it will all turn into South Florida preparation. That is kind of where we are."

Schiano spoke about how the flu bug is hitting the Scarlet Knights

"We have a little bug going through the team which may keep a few guys from practicing today –it did yesterday. Physical injuries, Zaire (Kitchen) we are going to keep him down until Saturday and then see where he is. With all the stuff going around, anytime a guy is sick you get worried. We are trying very hard to wash our hands and do the right things. We always do but we are just reemphasizing it again."

On the USF offense

"They are very athletic and they run very well. I think their offensive line has been better than it has been in the last four or five years. I think this is a really good football team."

On if he has "spied" the USF quarterback in the past.

"We have tried to do a lot of things. None of them have worked consistently to be frank with you. Last year, I don't think we stopped them. We got some takeaways but they had over 400 yards of offense. They have been hard for us to contend with."

On if South Florida showed anything different in their last game against West Virginia then what they normally do.

"I think you look at the games as a combination. They threw a couple interceptions (vs. Cincinnati) but then at Pitt, they didn't throw the ball very much and then in this last game (vs. West Virginia) they opened it up. You look at the Pittsburgh game, it just kind of got away from them. The rest of the games, Cincinnati it was mistakes of their own. Otherwise, they win that football game. I really think this is one of the better teams in the country athletically. They really looked like they were on all cylinders last game. This is a huge challenge."

On Bulls quarterback B.J. Daniels

"(B.J. Daniels) is a tremendous football player. That is all you can say. Now if he was alone, then you do everything you can to just stop him but he has a lot of great athletes surrounding him too."

On the possibility of USF WR Carlton Mitchell not playing next Thursday.

"He is their leading receiver, so his numbers speak for themselves. He is a very good player. You just get the sense he is a real ‘together-guy' just from what I have gathered. If you look at their team, they have a lot of really fine athletes. No one is talking that much about (Jessie Hester) because he has been hurt but Jessie Hester was their leading guy last year. There are a lot of skill players there that can get the job done."

On USF's defense.

"They are very good. They can run very well. Their front is extremely physical and extremely fast. (Kion Wilson) is a very good football player. They are good."

On if first-year USF Defensive Coordinator Joe Tresey has made any significant changes to the team's defensive scheme.

"There are some changes. I think programmatically they have some philosophies that are going to remain the same. There are subtle differences. There would be subtle differences even if Wally (Burnham) was still there. They change for each opponent just as we do. You are not going to leave your philosophy of defense or offense, at least not if you are any good."

On accounting for USF defensive ends Jason Pierre-Paul and George Selvie.

"It is not easy. You need to account for them all. It is not a tone different from when they had Jarriett Buie on the other side. They have good players. We are going to have to make sure we are smart in our protections. We have to be aware if there are any mismatches, do we provide some help? We have to get rid of the football. You are not going to be able to hold it forever."

On how OL Anthony Davis said he didn't watch tape from his matchup with USF DE George Selvie from last year because he says Selvie is a different player this year.

"Selvie had a bad ankle all last year. I don't think the nation saw the player they saw the previous year because he is a tough guy that was playing injured. It doesn't seem to be hurt anymore. Like Aditi (Kinkhabwala) had mentioned, those two defensive ends are very hard to contend with."

On if facing Pittsburgh's strong defense will help QB Tom Savage against USF.

"I think every time you go against top-flight defensive competition you get better. I think he gets that in practice. We don't go against each other a ton during the season but we make sure to go twice a week. He gets that feel. Without a doubt, the more experience you have against really good push rushes, the better your internal clock becomes. You know if I take my five or seven-step drop, I can bounce or I have to get rid of it. If I stand there, I am going to get sacked."

On USF LB Kion Wilson

"He is an instinctual good football player. I have listened to him and he just sounds like a guy that gets it. You listen to him talk about football or whatever in his press interactions and say ‘this guy gets it.' You can see he gets it on the field. He is a very smart defensive football player."

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