USFNation Game Grades: Louisville

Find out how we graded each position from the Bulls 34-22 win over the Cards

Well this was a significant win. The Bulls became bowl eligible and will go to a bowl for the fifth straight season. Sure many of you will guffaw at that but Miami, Notre Dame and Nebraska don't have a five-year bowl streak. Granted there are things USF can do better on and off the field, they have made a bowl game in the majority of their years as a Division 1-A school.

Be happy about that.

Overall the game was well played at times but the Bulls really should have eliminated this Louisville team early. It was clear that the Cardinals weren't interested in playing and if the Bulls could have completed their third consecutive scoring drive to make it 21-3, they would have taken whatever little fight was left in Louisville.

Instead they let the Cardinals hang around and eventually the players' pride got a hold of them and they took a 16-14 lead. It was a lazy period in the game that continues to be a problem with the team. The Bulls faced a similar situation and a better Louisville team two years ago and blew them out the water, 55-17. It should have been a similar result Saturday.

QUARTERBACK (A) -- So they did scale back the playbook slightly and whaddya know? Daniels passed for 304 yards and rushed for another 141 looking in control all the way as he threw a touchdown and ran for a couple more. There's just limitless potential for Daniels as long as continues to limit the mistakes. He did have a tough time in the middle of the game where he couldn't convert a few third down but the Bulls were a respectable 9-of-17 in that category.

RUNNING BACKS (B) -- Once again Mo Plancher is getting the lion's share of the carries that Daniels isn't and the Bulls are better for it. Mike Ford's reduced role has as much to do with him as anyone else and Jamar Taylor could be out for the remainder of the season. It's going to be Plancher's responsibility to assist Daniels in the running back.

WIDE RECEIVERS (B) -- A couple of drops and a couple of situations where the receiver inexplicably cut off routes. But on the plus side there were a few continuations that led to big plays (see Love, A.J.) and the guys did a much better job overall in their second game without Carlton Mitchell.

OFFENSIVE LINE (A-) -- The 5.2 rushing average really stood out and one of the two sacks was a situation where Daniels ran into the rush, the line did their job. That happens but overall the unit, which is now delving into the second team, did a fine job.

OFFENSIVE COACHING (A) -- Mike Canales did what his predecessor failed to do -- make a couple of simple adjustments -- and it made all the difference. Changing the gameplan for Daniels and making Plancher the true feature back, those are tough concessions but Canales isn't afraid to make the right decisions for the team.

DEFENSIVE LINE (C+) -- The pressure was there from time to time but still a lot of inconsistency and a failure to get off the field on third downs in the second quarter is one of the reasons for the lower grade. George Selvie was neutralized for the most part but I thought Jason Pierre-Paul had a solid game.

LINEBACKERS (A-) -- Week after week Kion Wilson makes it happen with little fanfare. Another game with double digit tackles and two backfield stops. Adding to this solid performance was a terrific effort from Chris Robinson (1.5 sacks).

SECONDARY (B) -- Nate Allen, USF's golden boy in the defensive backfield, gets yet another interception. He's going to be sorely missed. Quenton Washington had a particularly active day as well. Not a standout performance from the secondary, but not a bad one either.

DEFENSIVE COACHING (B) -- I really didn't have any problem with the coaching, I wasn't blown away by the effort from the Bulls' defense in the middle portion of the game. In the end they held tight when it was most needed and got the victory. Unfortunately it was much more difficult than it needed to be .

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