WR Montague Still Solid with the Bulls

USFNation talked with 2010 Bulls commit Jamaal Montague from Columbia High School. The standout receiver had a great senior season and, despite the coaching change, is sticking with his commitment to the Bulls.

Jamaal Montague came from being an under-the radar player to one of the most productive receivers in Florida this season. He put up big numbers on offense and now will be focusing his efforts to his track season, working out, and on academics. Although disappointed that former USF Head Coach Jim Leavitt was let go, Montague is solid with his commitment to the Bulls.

"I was shocked at first to hear about Leavitt," said Montague. "At first I thought it was a joke when I heard it, but when Coach Callum told me I knew it was true."

After he found out it was true did it affect his commitment to USF?

"I'm still solid with my decision," said Montague. "But I'm just waiting to see who the next coach will be and what staff may be retained. They told me everything is still good with my offer and that made me feel good."

Montague is teammates with Tiger Powell, who is also committed to play for USF, and has been for some time.

"He was shocked too," said Jamaal. "He's the one that told me at first and that's why I thought it was a joke, and he was playing with me, because Tiger likes to play. He still firm with his decision to go to USF also, he just wants to know who the next coach will be as well."

Jamaal and Tiger both have one more game to play and that's in the Florida-Georgia Border Wars All-Star Classic. The two teams are made up of players representing south Georgia and north Florida high schools.

"We're playing the week from Saturday at 2:00," said Jamaal. "Tiger and me are looking forward to playing. It'll be our last high school game. We'll be ready"

This season Jamaal has 74 catches for 1,460 yards and 21 receiving touchdowns to go along with 300 yards rushing and a rushing score. He also returns kicks and punts and scored on a73-yard punt return this year.

Since the season ended Montague has been working out hard, getting ready for track, and preparing to retake the SAT/ACT. "I know I'll do better this time, especially with having the right materials."

In the wake of Coach Leavitt's departure Jamaal says he received calls from other coaches "Yes sir, Middle Tennessee, FIU, FAU, and a bunch of others have called," said Montague. "They asked with what happened if I'm still solid, and I told them I'm still solid with USF, but they still tried to get me on visits."

Jamaal and tiger are both set to visit USF on January 29.

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