Could Naples ATH/K be the Bulls next Commit?

Down in Barron Collier HS in Naples, FL is an athlete to say the least, but his leg is what truly makes him special. This weekend one of the top rated kickers in the Nation, took an official visit to Tampa. Read on for all the details and get the inside scoop. Only on - Your best source for USF recruiting information!

Marvin Kloss of Barron Collier HS in Naples, FL is an athlete to say the least, but his leg is what truly makes him special. This weekend Kloss, who's one of the top rated kickers in the nation, took an official visit to Tampa.

"I had a great time up there, I really like the program up there, and the facilities were great," said Kloss. "I got to meet Coach Holtz and he's really a nice guy."

Kloss was hosted by USF linebacker Mike Lanaris recaps what he did over the weekend.

"On Friday we got to Raymond James toured the facilities, and then went to eat on this star cruise which was like a really big yacht and went around Tampa Bay while we ate. After that I went out with my host and hung out. The next morning went over to the facilities and the locker room, and saw all that, then met with the academic advisors. We then went to Bush Gardens and ate at the Crown Colony restaurant and walked around. That night we went to the Columbia restaurant in Ybor, which is supposed to be one of the oldest restaurants in Florida. After that we just hung out with my host and the rest of the players. Sunday we checked out and met with coach Holtz. It was a fun weekend."

The top rated kicker got to spend time with the coaching staff and most importantly Kloss got to meet USF Head Coach Skip Holtz.

"I think he's a good guy and like what he's trying to do with the program and the people he's bringing in. I only met Coach Leavitt once so I didn't know too much about him personally. I feel that coach Holtz is going to bring the program around in the right way."

"Our meeting went great. He said he really likes me as a kicker but right now they are tight with scholarships with who they have committed, and are seeing if they can free one up. If not they are working on a grey shirt for me. If I do that I'll have to sit out next year, but be able to play the next four years after that."

Kloss primary recruiter is Coach Carl Franks, and actually visited USF for the Cincinnati game when he came up with several teammates, and has been high on the Bulls for some time.

"I like Coach Franks, he's a real hard working guy and came by to see me at school a couple of times," said Kloss. "He and Coach Leavitt came down for a visit and said they had something worked out for me. I was considering committing before the coaching change happened."

And after a great weekend visit does the standout kicker consider that he's a USF commit?

"No, not yet, not until I have something written down on paper," said Kloss. "I still have a visit to Purdue next weekend. They already offered me so I'm going up to check it out. I also got a grey shirt offered to me by Florida, so I want to work something out before that. It's probably between USF and Purdue."

"I would like to go to USF," said Kloss. "They've always been my favorite place. If they offer me, then that's where I'm going."

The top rated kicker says he expects to know something in the next few days.

"They haven't offered me, but it's been hectic for Coach Holtz, he hasn't even moved into his office yet. He's trying to see who's committed and who's eligible to play. He told me he'll call on Wednesday after he meets with the academic committee, and based on that he'll be able to let me know what he'll be able to do."

If the Bulls don't offer him a scholarship for this class and it is a grey shirt offer then how will that affect things?

"I don't know, I'd have to go see Purdue and see how I like it up there. I wouldn't mind it, because both kickers at USF are sophomores so I don't mind competing for the spot. I'm just trying to make the most out of my four years at college."

Kloss is a phenomenal athlete, catching 8 passes for 163 yards and 2 TDs, and also had 2 rushes for 56 yards. But his leg is what makes him so special. He's rated #1 ranked kicker nationally by Kornblue's Fab 50, and was the Kicking Champion at Brandon Kornblue's Kicking Challenge, impressing all on kickoffs and by showing the ability to kick FG's off the ground. In 2009 went 8 of 8 on field goals with kicks of 49, 47, 46, and 41, went 41 of 42 on PATs.

"We didn't kick a lot of field goals so I got to play a little receiver too. I went 51 of 51 on PAT's my junior year and the one PAT I missed this year was in the last playoff game when my holder didn't get his hand out of the way and I kicked him in the hand."

You can check out Marvin here: YouTube - Marvin Kloss 2009 Kicking Highlights

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