Decision, Decisions for LB Hans Louis

With National Signing Day Tomorrow, what is Chaminade-Madonna standout LB Hans Louis thinking? Read on for all the details and see where the Bulls stand. Stay informed with

Chaminade-Madonna standout linebacker Hans Louis, the Sun Sentinel Class 3A-2A-2B-1A-1B Defensive Player of the Year, has some thinking to do.

Two weeks ago Louis committed to Marshall (Jan. 21), since then he took a trip to Tampa for an official visit with USF that Led to Offer for the Standout LB, and this weekend he visited Western Kentucky.

"The visit was good, it was real nice, and I really liked it," said Hans Louis. "The new facilities were the best I've seen hands down."

With National Signing Day Tomorrow, what is Hans Louis thinking?

"I'm thinking where I see myself for the next 4-5 years, where does my family want me to be, and things like that," said Louis.

Hans Louis said he's spoken recently to Marshall Coach Doc Holiday, WKU's Coach Willie Taggart, and Coach Snyder of USF.

"I like all three coaches," said Louis. "They all real nice and very good coaches."

The Chaminade-Madonna linebacker says he's a soft verbal to Marshall right now, and is considering them, USF and WKU as his final three choices.

"I got some thinking to do, and I'm still praying on it,' said Louis. "I'm writing all the good and bad things about each school and stuff like that.

What he likes and the draw backs of about each program:

Marshall – I like the players, the coaches, and stuff like that. Coach Doc Holiday seems like he has a big plan on rebuilding the program and making the team better."

"They don't really have an engineering program that I want to get into. I want to be a mechanical engineer."

WKU – I like Coach Willie Taggart. He's a real cool guy, and is set on changing the program around as quickly as he can, and also the recruits that he's been getting. He's doing a great job, and they are going to do well down the road."

"They one negative is they were so bad last year. I don't l know if I really want to go to a bad team that is rebuilding."

USF – I really like the players on the team, they all real nice, also Coach Holtz and all the coaching staff. All of them are real down to earth and seem like they can coach you up, and they've put a lot players into the NFL. Also they're close, they're a BCS school, and they're on TV a lot. There are a lot of things I like about USF."

"Umm, I don't think there was anything negative about USF."

Louis says he likes each school, all the coaches, and has a lot of thinking to do. With a tough decision to make. I asked him if he's going to shake and ask a magic 8-ball for answers.

"Maybe that's what I should do," Louis said laughing. "I'm looking for answers."

The decision is mostly on Louis, and his family wants him to do what he feels is best, but they have some thoughts on the subject.

"My family is leaning toward USF right now. It's closer to home, they can see me play, and if there's an emergency I can come back home quickly," said Louis. "But they want me to do what's best for me."

When will Louis make his decision of where he'll play college ball?

"I'll probably make it the night before signing day or the next morning after talking with my family some more."

Louis said he will announce his college choice tomorrow at 10:00 at his school.

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