Rumor Mill: Coach Larry Scott to LSU?

It's being reported that USF Coach Larry Scott is being interviewed for the coaching vacancy at Louisiana Tech left by Don Yanowsky. Read on for all the deatail and the latest news.

It's amazing where breaking news comes from theses days, but Twitter is becoming quite the news outlet.

According to senior writer Tom Dienhart, USF Coach Larry Scott could be leaving for a job with LSU to replace Don Yanowsky, who left for Memphis.

"A source told me that USF assistant Larry Scott is interviewing for the LSU tight ends job." Dienhart twittered Thursday afternoon.

Coach Larry Scott was one of four assistants retained after Coach Holtz took over the reins of USF last month. In 2008 Scott was co-offensive line coach after serving as tight end coach in 2007. Before that he was a graduate assistant in 2006 after serving as director of high school relations in 2005.

What Coach Scott's role as a position coach under Holtz was unknown, but there is no question that his recruiting savvy has been huge for USF. Landing players such as DB Terrence Mitchell and DT Todd Chandler this year, and scoring big in 2008 with Kayvon Webster, Sterling Griffin, and Steven Jacques all out of the Miami-Dade area, and also had a big influence on Mark Popek, Ricardo Dixon, and Victor Marc. There's no doubting that Coach Scott is a rising star.

Coach Scott didn't return phone calls to confirm or deny the reports this afternoon.

However, according to sources in Baton Rouge, they think that unlike rumors dealing with recruiting, that coaching rumors usually have merit, and that LSU wouldn't have leaked it otherwise. They believe that Coach Scott did interview for the job.

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