Bulls Get Their Man, Kloss Picks USF over UF

Coach Skip Holtz and the Bulls just won another in-state recruiting battle. One of the top rated kickers in the Nation Marvin Kloss chooses the Bulls over the Gators! Read on for all the details! Only on USFNation.com -Your best source for USF recruiting info!

For Bulls fans following the recruitment of Barron Collier Kicker Marvin Kloss, you won't have to wait any longer as his decision has been made.

"I'm heading to USF!" Kloss said by text. "I felt really wanted and comfortable with the coaching staff."

Kloss is one of the top rated kickers in the nation who didn't sign a Letter of Intent on NSD, and was considering his options. A week ago Friday Kloss received a gray shirt offer from Coach Skip Holtz, but Florida entered the race and the two-time champion Gators offered a similar deal and brought him in two weekends ago. Kloss said he would definitely be staying in-state and it would come down to him playing for either the Bulls or Gators.

At the time Kloss thought the situation up at Florida was better with scholarships and depth charts. USF has four kickers on scholarship and UF only has two specialists on scholarship, and it looked like he could be a Gator. But Coach Holtz and the Bulls staff did a great job and won this recruiting battle.

"I feel great right now and am so glad to get this over." It was nice getting the attention and going on trips, but it was a bit hectic on signing day, and Florida came in and got me all confused, but I made a good decision

"I went up there and had a good experience, and at the time I thought the fact that they only had one kicker on scholarship and USF had two was better. But after talking with my coaches and everybody else I felt USF was the better choice for me."

"I felt so comfortable with the USF coaching staff and the players. I like what they're doing and I like coach Holtz and the way he's setting up things up there, and the people he brought in. I just felt a lot more wanted at USF than I did at Gainesville."

Kloss was in talks with the USF coaching staff last night and made the call today.

"I just got off the phone with Coach Vaas the QB coach that I became really close with, and I actually interrupted him from a meeting with the quarterbacks. He told me he wouldn't have picked up if it was anybody else. He was real excited and he went and told coach Holtz who was also in a meeting. Five minutes later Coach Holtz called me back and told me how super excited and ecstatic he was that I made a decision to be a Bull."

USF is full this year and offered a gray shirt, but wanted him to come in early, and Kloss wanted to get things started as well. Kloss carries a 4.3. GPA and scored a 26 ACT and a 1080 on his SAT and qualifies for a Florida Bright Future scholarship and decided to come in and pay for his first year and be on full ride after that.

"My mom's real excited for me," said Kloss "She's going to pay for my first year. It's not going to be too bad, the Florida Bright Future scholarship will pay for 75 percent and I'll be getting another scholarship to help out also."

"I'll be there is summer and working out with the guys," said Kloss. "As long as I do what I'm supposed to and start in some capacity they guaranteed me that I'll be on scholarship no later than my sophomore year."

Winning a recruiting battle with the two-time champion Gators is never easy and kudos to Coach Holtz, Coach Karl Franks, and the USF staff on this one. But was it a hard choice for Kloss?

"At some point it was, but USF is a top BCS program, very respected, and I'm happy with my decision" said Kloss. "It wasn't that hard of a choice. I wasn't basing it on who was the most popular, but where I felt most comfortable, because the more comfortable I fell, the better I'll kick."

"That was the big thing. The USF coaching staff made me vey appreciated and wanted and I felt very comfortable with everything about the school. I feel like I really made the right decision."

Kloss said that visiting Tampa, seeing the campus and how much support the Bulls get from the community was a big selling point.

"Also Tampa is real crazy about the Bulls. When I went up there on game day against Cincinnati I saw how everybody tailgated and how they have the biggest student section in the Big East and how they support the Bulls. I liked the facilities, I like what they are doing, who coach Holtz brought in. It's a great environment to be around."

Kloss said that the staff is sending him some info, what type of ball they use, and that they use Under Armor that since he usually wears Nike cleats, he'll just have to get used to that, but doesn't see a problem.

"It's set in stone," said Kloss. "I'm 100 percent a Bull baby!"

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