USF & SU Lead for TE Addazio

Louie Addazio, the stand out tight end that plays at Buckholz High School in Gainesville recently visited USF and Syracuse, and liked what he saw. Read on for all the details and see where the Bulls stand.

Louie Addazio is a stand out tight end that plays at Buckholz HS in Gainesville that has grown up around football, and if his name sounds familiar that's because his father, Steve Addazio, is the current offensive coordinator/offensive line coach for the Florida Gators.

Now after a strong off-season where he's put on some size, it's the younger Adazzio's turn to be in the football spotlight as the rising senior gets ready for spring football.

"Things are going great. I'm just lifting and getting ready for spring," said Addazio. "I had a pretty big winter. I'm up to 6'3, 235, last year I was about 6'1.5, and weighed around 205 pounds."

"I got a lot stronger, I'm putting up 11 reps of 225 pounds and maxed out at 295 pounds," said Addazio. "In squatting I'm in the high 400's, almost to 500 pounds."

Addazio primarily plays tight end and a little defensive end for Buchholz, but he's being projected to play on the offensive side of the ball.

"I had 3 catches for 63 yards and had 18 pancakes," said Addazio. "I played a little DT, and had around 10 tackles, but I'm more of an H-back/blocking tight end."

On the recruiting front, things are starting to pick up for the rising senior tight end with a bunch of programs showing interest.

"I got an offer from Syracuse yesterday, South Florida on Monday, and Akron offered me two weeks ago," said Addazio. "Also Rutgers, Boston College, Connecticut and UCF are showing interest."

Louie has already visited Syracuse and UCF, and last week the tight end made a trip to Tampa to check out the Bulls.

"It was great, I loved it up there," said Addazio. "I got there around 1:00, toured the facilities, sat in a few meetings and then went out and watched them practice.

"I really liked the campus, you can tell it's really growing into something special and cool," said Addazio. "The facilities are great, and everything is all new and built over the last few years. I really liked it a lot."

Addazio was shown around the campus and the facilities by USF tight ends Coach Larry Scott, and said he got a great impression from the Bulls coach.

"I really like Coach Scott a lot, he's a great coach, and a cool guy," said Addazio. "I can tell he's intense and the players respect him a lot."

"I also liked the offensive coordinator Coach Fitch. Coach McCarney had great things to say about him, and my mom and I had a good meeting with him."

After a quick tour of the campus & the facilities, and sitting on a few meetings, Louie went out to the fields and got a chance to see how the Bulls practice.

"I liked the way they practiced and the way Coach Holtz ran it," said Addazio. "It was very up-tempo, a lot of energy, a lot of juice, and they were getting the players to go at it hard."

"I was watching the H-back and the Y-tight ends, and I really liked how they were used" said Addazio. "I can tell that the H-back and Y-tight end are really going to be a big part of that offense and are going to be needed."

Louie who came on the visit with his mother also got a chance to meet with the Bulls new head Coach Skip Holtz before practice and also talked with him several times during the visit.

"I like Coach Holtz. We talked before practice and during practice he watched the tight ends with us, and then we talked after practice," said Addazio. "He was talking to me about the depth at the tight end position, and how the tight ends and I would be used in the offense. He also told me about the program and the history of South Florida."

"I really like Coach Holtz a lot. I never met him before, but my dad has," said Addazio. "I really enjoyed talking with him and can tell he's the type of coach to bring that program to the top."

At this stage in recruiting with schools showing interest and offering, Louie said that two schools stand out to him.

"Yes sir South Florida and Syracuse are my two favorites right now," said Addazio. "Those are two that I've taken trips to, and talked to the coaches at both places and like them both a lot."

Syracuse: "I really like the program and Coach Marrone is a great coach. They're a tough program and bring in a lot of tough kids in there. I think they're going to turn it around. They haven't won a lot of games, but are on the rise. I love Syracuse University, the campus and everything a bout it."

USF: "I really like Coach Scott and Coach Holtz a lot, and I can tell they're great coaches and great guys. I really like the football program and how it's being run."

Previously Louie said he was looking to play his college ball in the Northeast. He's also been a big fan of Syracuse where his father Steve Addazio coached from 1995-98, and said he always dreamed of playing there, but that isn't necessarily the case anymore.

"After seeing South Florida and UCF, I'm real open to staying in Florida," said Louie. "I don't care where I play football. I just want to find the right place to play football."

"I could definitely see myself staying in Florida, because my sister is only a year and a half ahead of me school wise, so she'll be in Florida while I'm in college. Also my parents are down here, and my other sister works down here, so they could all come watch me play. So that's all a big positive."

The standout tight end does know what things he's looking for in a program to help make his choice.

"Number one, I'm looking for a great coaching staff, I'm looking for a tough program that is going to have success, and has great guys on the team. I also want a great campus atmosphere, and I'm also looking for program with good academics."

Does both Syracuse and South Florida fit what Louie is looking for?

"Yes, I got a chance to check out South Florida academics and some of SU academics, and liked both," said Addazio. "South Florida I really liked a lot and I liked how the players are handled with academics, it's a huge priority. Also in the facilities, the academics are right there by the coach's offices. I liked that a lot."

Louis said that he plans on having a busy spring, and will be making several visits to check out the programs he's interested in.

"I plan to go back and check out Syracuse again in the next week, and maybe check out Rutgers and Boston College," said Addazio. "My Dad also wants to go with me to USF after the spring when he's done, so he can check them out."

Addazio still has some things to check out, but plans on making a decision earlier then later.

"I like to make a decision in May or maybe even sooner. I don't want to wait to long or lead anybody on. I do want to make my decision before the summer, because I'm going to be an early enrollee."

Stay tuned with as we follow Louie Addazio through his visits schedule, and the rest of the 2010 recruiting class.

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