4-Star OL Talks USF SuperBull Camp

Max Lang, a four-star prospect from Boone HS, FL, was one of many top recruits at the USF SuperBull camp Saturday. In this USFN exclusive find out about his experience and where the Bulls stand.

Max Lang is a 6'5-280 pound elite offensive lineman from Boone high school in Orlando, and on Saturday the 4-star prospect ranked as the No. 23-best offensive tackle in the country took a trip to Tampa to participate in the USF SuperBull camp.

What were your thoughts from the camp?

I thought it was awesome and I really liked it, and think it was a great camp. I thought it was great how Coach Shankweiler came out there after having surgery on Monday and was still out there working it on the field. It shows how committed he is to us and I thought that was really amazing.

We're you disappointed didn't get to compete in 1-on-1's because of the lightning?

Yeah that was a shame, but it happens. Every one of us lineman wanted to compete against the D-linemen, but there's not much you can do about it. The main thing I wanted to do see was how coach Shankweiler coached, and I can't say one thing negative about the camp at all. I really liked it a lot, and USF moved even higher up in my book.

Even thought the camp was cut short because of the rain, did you gain any knowledge?

Yeah, football-wise I got a lot of knowledge. It was just nice being out there. Seeing Coach Shankweiler out there after hip surgery, it meant a lot to me that he was out there. It was a really nice camp, and I really liked it a lot.

So where does that put USF among your top schools list?

I don't really have a top 5 yet but I would honestly put them number one right now.Texas Tech would be in the second spot but I think there is a distance between the two schools though because South Florida is an awesome place and the coaching staff is amazing. They have experience. Coach Holtz has father, Lou Holtz helping him and he's an amazing coach. If you want to build a program, I can't see how you can be in a better spot. I think it would be something awesome to be a part of, so they're number one.

So, what is next on your schedule?

I was going to go to Texas Tech and take a look on July 11th or July 10th, something like that. I'll probably take an official visit there. I have a whole lot of family over there. That's one of the big reasons why they have a chance.

When are you planning on making a decision?

Between me and you I was tempted to [commit] when I was [at SuperBull]. That's how comfortable I feel about it. I like it a lot over there. The coaching staff is amazing and they're just good people. That's what I like about them. We got to talk a little bit, and I can relate to them and feel that bond. If today was signing day, I would sign with South Florida. That's how strongly I feel about them.

This is going to be the biggest decision I've made in my life so far, and even if I'm 110 percent for South Florida, I want to wait just to make sure that I'm 100 percent comfortable, that's just how I am. I tell you this, there's a chance I could be committing soon, the earliest is probably within a month. It could be sooner possibly if something clicks and I get the urge and feel that it's something I should just do, then I'll do it. That's how good I feel about USF. My plan is that I really want to get this over with by the end of summer, so I can focus on school and the season.

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