OT Zach DeBell Talks SuperBull, Trims List

Zach DeBell, a 6'7, 265 pound offensive tackle from Tarpon Springs was one of the top offensive linemen at the USF SuperBull camp on Saturday. The 3-star offensive tackle with over 24 offers has decided to trim his list. Find out what he thought of the camp, what teams made the cut, and where the Bulls stand. Stay informed with USFNation.com

Tarpon Spring's Zach DeBell, is a 6'7, 265 pound 3-star offensive tackle that plays just over the bridge from USF. On Saturday he participated in the annual USF SuperBull campo and came away impressed.

"I had a lot of fun, it was pretty cool and I got a chance to see a lot of good players," said DeBell. "My teammate Kameron Romaelle got to come along, we got to meet John Gruden and I had a blast. The only problem was we couldn't do one-on-ones, but it was still a fun. Overall I had a great time, I really learned a lot, and I hope to see more of USF."

DeBell also enjoyed the opportunity to get on the field with the USF coaches during the camp.

"I got to talk to coach Shankweiler and Coach Franks, and Marquel Blackwell, it was really cool," said DeBell. "I got to talk to Coach Holtz for a little bit, just saying hello, how you been and stuff like that. It was good to be on the field with them all."

"I really like Coach Shankweiler and think he's a great coach and he's really funny. He really works on technique and perfecting the technique instead of all the power behind it. Because once you get the technique down, then you're set."

Zach said he's really got a chance to know USF offensive line coach and says they formed a good relationship.

"We have a good relationship", said DeBell. "Coach Shankweiler had surgery today and I think I'm going over and visit him tomorrow with my mom, I'm not 100 percent, but I'm looking forward to getting up there, see him and check out the dorms there."

On the recruiting front DeBell has blown up this spring and with his latest offer from Notre Dame now claims 24 offers.

"It's really cool to have all these opportunities, and I feel that I'm very lucky in a way, so I think it's a great honor to have all these schools after me."

With an impressive list of offers from some of the top programs in the southeast and beyond, DeBell said he's decided to narrow things down.

"Right now the schools that are really standing out are schools like Notre Dame, Georgia, Tennessee, Ole Miss, USF, and UCLA," said DeBell. "Those are my top schools right now."

The standout offensive lineman talks about what puts USF among his top choices.

"First there pretty close, only like 25 minutes away, and I like the coaching staff," said DeBell. "They are still an up and coming program. They have great facilities, I love the great big weight room, and the film room was pretty cool. They also have Mosi right across the street, and I think that's the coolest."

DeBell said right now he gets up every day at 6:30 to go to football boot camp, and isn't sure of his upcoming visit or camp plans just yet, but does know what he's looking for in a program.

"I'm looking for a great connection with the coaching staff, and a coach that can take me to the next level," said DeBell. "As long as I play football and get a good education, then I'm fine."

Stay tuned with USFNation.com as we keep you updated on Zach DeBell's summer plans and the rest of the 2011 recruiting class.

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