4-Star TE Brandon Fulse Planning Another Cut

Brandon Fulse, the 6-foot-5, 248 pound jumbo athlete rated the 15th best TE has animpressive list of suitors and is planning to trim his list again.

Fort Meade senior Brandon Fulse, is a 6-foot-5, 248 pound jumbo athlete that can play different positions, defensive end, defensive tackle, or offensive tackle on the next level, but Fulse who is rated the 15th-best tight by Scout, said most are looking at him at tight end.

"Almost all of them are recruiting me for tight end, except for three that are recruiting me as a d-end," said Fulse. "I want to play tight end."

The standout tight end prospect has been one of the higher recruited players in the state of Florida with 25 offers to date, and knows what he's looking for in a college program.

"I'm looking for a good relationship with the coaches, because I'm going to be there for the next 4-5 years, so the relationship is important. I have to know if I can trust them, feel comfortable around them, and have confidence in them," said Fulse. I'm also looking at playing time and getting on the field early. Another big thing is how the campus is, the overall environment, and if it feels like home."

The four-star prospect has an impressive list of suitors and last month trimmed his list down to 15 schools that he's focusing on.

"Florida, Florida State, Miami, South Florida, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, Clemson, Tennessee, Louisville, Oregon, Texas Tech, Michigan, North Carolina, and West Virginia," said Fulse

Fulse said he'd be trimming his list down to a top ten, followed by a top five and on Tuesday said his top ten will be ready to announce very soon.

"I'll be cutting my list down to 10 this week, said Fulse who spoke highly of the schools in the south east like Florida State, Miami, USF, Auburn, Alabama, Clemson, Tennessee, and schools a little farther like Texas Tech, Oregon, and Michigan. "I'm pretty sure some of those teams will be in it, but I'm not ready to do it yet, and will have it on Friday."

One of the schools that have made Fulse's 15 and looks to make his top ten is USF, and Brandon talked about what keeps USF among his top suitors.

"With USF when I asked Coach Scott how they used the tight end he told me that at ECU the tight end there caught a good amount of balls. I think he had about 40-50 catches, and that's good enough for me," said Fulse. "They're also close to home and my family can come and watch me play easily."

"I've also built a good relationship with Coach Scott," said Fulse. "He's my main recruiter and is also my position coach, so that's a big plus for them." Fulse also added "Coach Scott and my LB coach at my high school Barry Addix played together at USF. Coach Scott is a great coach, knows what he's talking about, fun to be around, but is also hard working."

Fulse has been to USF several times already, once last year, again during the spring for the Badger 7-on-7, and got a chance to see what the campus and facilities were like.

"After the 7-on7 back in March, we went by the campus and checked out the facilities, the weight room, the training room, film room, locker rooms, and all that," said Fulse. "It was pretty nice. I didn't expect it to be like that, but they got some really nice stuff. They had all new equipment, a smoothie bar, and a video board for all the top guys."

The stand-out tight end also participated in the USF SuperBull a few weeks ago, and gave his thoughts on the camp.

"It was a pretty good camp. I got to spend time with the coaches and got to work with them. I got to get some work in, catch some balls, and had a lot of fun, said Fulse. "It was good being with the coaching staff on the field. They were a lot of fun and joked a lot, and got to see what they were like. They also like to work on the field, and even though it was hard work, it was a real good time."

Brandon also got to meet just about every member of the Bulls coaching staff, from the O-line coach, offensive coordinator and USF head Coach Skip Holtz.

"I like all the coaches over there," said Fulse. "Coach Holtz is a good coach and seems like a fun guy too. He came from East Carolina where he did a great job, is son of a legendary coach, and is a very good coach himself."

"They told me that they love me for the type of offense that they run. That they will use the tight end a lot and throw me the ball," said Fulse. "I went over with a couple of teammates and they asked if were very interested in USF, and we all said yes."

The Fort Meade senior has been to two camps, USF and one at FSU, and plans on going to several camps the rest of the summer, and possibly a few unofficial visits as well.

"For camps I'm planning on going to I am going to Florida Friday Night Lights, I'll try to make it to Alabama's camp and as a team we're going to the USF sling and shoot in July," said Fulse. "I'm going to try and go see Miami for an unofficial visit when the coaches come back from vacation."

Nothing is set in stone yet, but Fulse has also started to think about what schools may get an official visit from him this fall.

"I got a couple in my mind," said Fulse. "Texas Tech will be one. If I don't get up for this camp than Alabama will be one for sure, I'm going to try and get up to Oregon, because I like them," said Fulse. "Those are the only three I got so far."

Fulse also said that he doesn't plan on waiting to the end to make a decision and has a date that he'd like to announce.

"I'm thinking about November third, but I'm not sure. If I take all my officials by then, then that'll be the date," said Fulse. "That's my aunt's birthday that passed in April. She was my favorite aunt, came to all my games, supported me, and this will make her very proud of me."

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