Dr. Phillips Smith Talks Camps, Favorites

Dr. Phillips stand-out LaQuentin Smith has been busy camping this summer, visiting Oregon and Arkansas the past two weeks. The 3-star prospect talks abou the camps, and updates his recruitment.

LaQuentin Smith, Dr. Phillips coveted 3-star defender has been very busy the last few weeks while attending football camps across the country at Oregon and at Arkansas. Two weeks ago Smith and his teammates travelled to Oregon to compete in the Nike 7-on-7 elite national passing tournament, featuring eight selected teams.

"It was just wonderful, wonderful" said Smith. "It was a great camp, one of the top camps in the nation. We finished fourth out of the whole tournament, and I did pretty good myself, and had a couple of picks. We had a good time out there, that's all I can say."

The 6-foot-1-200 pound safety/linebacker prospect then made a trip to Arkansas this past weekend to participate in their camp and check out what the Razorbacks out.

"It was great, I just loved it, it's a nice place," said Smith. "The campus, the facilities and everything were all real nice, I really enjoyed myself."

The coveted prospect has accumulated nearly 20 offers, but has been mentioning the same three schools as the programs he's been focusing on for the past month, and that's remains the same.

"It's USF, Arkansas and South Carolina," said Smith. "I don't have a clear leader. It's getting kind of hard."

The standout defensive prospect talks about what keeps those three schools at the top.

Arkansas: They got a good coaching staff, nice campus and facilities, and they have a good football program.

USC: Basically the same thing, they got a good staff, nice campus, and a good football program.

USF: They have a great coaching staff, family based, and a real nice environment."

Smith was thinking about going to South Carolina team camp this weekend, but instead will be participating with his team at a 7-on7 camp this weekend.

"Thought about it, but we're heading to Disney for the Grid Iron kings 7-on-7 tourney, I'm looking forward to that," said Smith. "I don't know about the USF Sling and Shoot this weekend; we have to talk to our coach. We may have two teams going this weekend."

Smith has said he wanted to make an early decision but as of now, is not sure when that we'll be.

"I don't even know right now," said Smith. "I like do it before the season starts."

The talented prospect rated the No. MLB by Scout, said he not sure where he'll take his official visits, but has given it some thought.

"I'm not sure right now of where I'll go," said Smith. "I think I'm going to go to Arkansas when they play Alabama for one. But besides that I'm not sure. I don't know if I'll take one to USF, but I know I'll be attending a couple of games though."

Smith said he's just about done with team summer camps as he is set to begin practicing with his team next week.

"I think I'm done for the summer," said Smith. "I'm just going to focus on getting ready for fall practice. I think we start on Monday. I'm really looking forward to my senior season."

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