4-Star LB Stanley Now Focusing on USF & FSU

Glen Stanley is the former Eastern Arizona 4-star linebacker that committed to USC, but with recent sanctions has wanted to get a release. On Wednesday he finally got his wish and is now focused on to Florida schools USF & FSU.

Former Eastern Arizona 4-star linebacker and USC commit USC linebacker commit Glen Stanley has been granted a release from his letter of intent

Stanly was one the top JUCO prospects in the nation and committed to USC for the 2010 class, but with the recent sanctions, wanted and has been waiting for a release from the Trojans, and return to Florida. On Wednesday he got his wish.

"Things are good, I got my release today and things are starting to pan out," said Stanley. "It's a general release and I can go to any school I want to."

The 6-foot-2, 245 pound 4-star prospect was highly sought and could have his choice of destinations, but wanted to return to Florida to be closer to his daughter, and has now focused on two schools.

"I have narrowed it down to two, FSU and USF," said Stanley.

With his choices narrowed down to two schools does either have an advantage over the other?

"I have no favorite right now," said Stanley. "I just want to see what each school has to offer me and then I'll go from there."

With camps beginning in a week and his choices narrowed down to two, Stanley isn't wasting any time and has already has a schedule.

"I actually have set up a couple of visits and will leaving to go to Tallahassee in the morning and meet with coach Fisher, and then I'm trying to get with South Florida before this weekend, hopefully."

Going into the visits Stanley knows what he's looking for in making his decision

"I just want to go to a school where I'll be able to fit into their defensive scheme, and just feel comfortable with the coaches there. It's all about me being able to get in and learn the system fast so I can get with the program learn the position and play."

"I know both schools are honest people, I know both schools have great defensive schemes," said Stanley. "So I guess it's all about when I get with the coaches, meet them and see if we have a relationship, and then go from there."

The coveted linebacker prospect gave a little insight about both programs.

FSU "I like that they have all new coaches. I talked to coach Fisher, he told how they want me. I talked to coach Stoops and seen the defensive schemes he ran at Arizona and like it. They seem passionate about the game up in Tallahassee."

USF "South Florida is more so an under the radar team, but they love to play and a lot of guys come out and play hard and do great things at USF. They play a lot of big time teams and do great things and upset teams. They have a new coaching staff also, and a lot of new faces, and a good chance to play."

Staley said he's spoken to FSU Coach Jimbo fisher, but hasn't got a chance to speak with the Bulls head coach but has heard good things.

"I spoke to Coach Jimbo Fisher we talked about how he sees me on the defense, see what's going on and thinks I'd be a good fit for his team, so we'll see," said Stanley. "I haven't met coach Holtz, but I had a home boy who played wide receiver at ECU and he said he was a pretty cool guy and a player's coach so I'm looking forward to meeting him."

Being an Ocala Native Stanley said is friends with several Bulls.

"I know Keith and Kevin McCaskill and me and Jeff Hawkins played in high school together," said Stanley. "I talked to them all the time. They tell me it's a good program and they like the new head coach and the coaching staff, and think they feel that they're going to be pretty good this year. They feel that I'll be a good fit for their team. More so I'll be a bigger guy on their team. 6'2, 245, that's a pretty big linebacker for that program."

Stanley said schools have talked to him about being a hybrid linebacker/defensive end or pass rushing specialist, but to Stanley he has no preference.

"I'm very versatile, if you need me to just play straight up, I'll do that. If you need me to put my hand on the ground I'll do that. It really doesn't matter, I just want to get in and play football."

Stanley said he hasn't had the time to look at depth charts and really isn't that concerned with them.

"I haven't had a chance to look at team depth charts or anything, but. I always felt that wherever you go you're going to have to compete to play. I'm looking forward to the challenge and competition, and beating whoever is out there. Beat out whoever is supposed to start and prove to the coaches that I'm the man for the job."

Stanley said he doesn't like to look ahead and is focused on the upcoming season, but he's always had dreams of playing in the NFL, and knows some of the two school's history.

"I know that South Florida had a first year guy that went into the NFL, and puts guys in, and I know that Florida State is a pretty good school for getting into the NFL. Right now I'm not thinking about that, I'm thinking about getting on a team and focus on the 2010 season."

Being from Florida Staley said he feel he knows about the two programs and feel that he can be successful at either and get to the next level.

"Growing up in Florida in Tallahassee, having my homeboys in South Florida and just loving the game of football. I understand what both schools have going on and just want to be part of one, and go from there. I feel that with hard work and dedication that I'm going to put in I'm going to be successful in college and have the opportunity to play in the National Football League."

Stanley said the last six weeks or so have been very tough and he's excited to start the next chapter.

"The last month has been horrible, but there's always light at the end of the tunnel," said Stanley. "I'm just excited to get down and see what the teams have to offer me. Then I'll just go from there."

"I'll visit FSU tomorrow and I hope to visit South Florida before the weekend is out because I don't want to drag this process out, because I'm trying to get back in the groove of things."

With a visit scheduled tomorrow with Jimbo Fisher in Tallahassee, is there a chance that Stanley could end is search early?

"No, no, no," said Stanley. "I definitely want to visit both schools before I make my decision."

Stanley may not be making an immediate decision, but at the same time he doesn't plan on waiting it too long with the upcoming season right around the corner.

"I want to decide by before the weekends out," said Stanley. "I went to get into the groove of things because camps are about to be starting."

Stanley is originally from Ocala, attending Trinity Catholic and Vanguard, then went to Bowling Green for a year before transferring to Eastern Arizona Junior College where he was a star linebacker that recorded 59 tackles, 20 tackles for loss, 11 sacks and a forced fumble in 2009 after sitting out in 2008

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