3-star DT Terry Bell Visits USF Practice

Terry Bell is a 3-star defensive tackle that's plays at Tenoroc HS in Lakeland FL. The No. 28th rated DT with over 30 offers recently narrowed down his list to five schools and this weekend paid a visit to check out one of those teams, USF. Read on to see what the 6-foot-5, 297 pound DT thought of the visit, where the Bulls stand, and more.

Tenoroc high's two-way lineman Terry Bell recruitment accelerated once his junior highlight tape went out shortly and now the 6'5, 297 pound defensive tackle/offensive tackle from Lakeland, Fl has over 30 offers.

Bells list is impressive and includes offers from such schools as, Florida State, Georgia, Clemson, Tennessee, Auburn, Nebraska, West Virginia, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Illinois, South Florida, Kentucky, Purdue, Minnesota, UCF, Syracuse, and has interest from Miami, Florida, and Michigan.

Bell recently listed a top five schools of Ole Miss, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida State, and South Florida, and this weekend made a trip to Tampa to check out the Bulls.

"I visited USF this weekend," said Bell. "Me and a few teammates made the trip over, and liked it a lot."

Bell has been trying to get over to see USF for some time, but the trip was a little of a surprise for Bell.

"I didn't know I was going to go until the night before," said Bell. "I've wanted to get over there, but I've had issues getting a ride, but my Coach set up the trip and took us over."

Bell and his teammates, senior WR/CB Stanley Abasnon, and rising sophomore QB Travis Tucker arrived Friday afternoon, and spent a few hours on USF's campus.

"We got there around 12:30," said Bell. "We toured the facilities and met with the coaches. It was a good time."

"The facilities were pretty nice," said Bell. "The locker rooms were nice, and the weight room was all new and pretty big. We didn't see the whole campus and just stayed by the football facilities, but I saw all the construction and remodeling that they're doing."

Bell got to meet most of the coaching staff, but hung out the most with USF defensive line Coach Kevin Patrick.

"It went pretty well. We talked mostly about how he sees me at the d-tackle position and things like that. He likes me at the 3 or 5 man position."

"I talked with the defensive coordinator, but just for a bit, and he seemed like a real nice guy," said Bell. "I talked with coach Holtz, but it was more of him just introducing himself and things like that. He seemed nice too."

After spending time touring the facilities and meeting with the coaches Bell and his teammates went over to watch the Bulls during the pre-season practice.

"I really enjoyed watching the team practice, it was pretty exciting to watch," said Bell. "I spent most of the time watching the D-line pretty much. They were going at it pretty hard and looked pretty good. They looked real quick off of the ball, and it was exciting."

Bell said he got to meet some of the player, including the face of the program quarterback B.J. Daniels.

"I didn't previously know any of the d-linemen except for Claude Davis," said Bell. "I don't know him well, but my brother does."

"I got to meet the quarterback B.J. Daniels," said Bell. "I seen him before on TV and met him in person also. He's seems like a cool guy.

"I met a few of the other guys on the d-line and also met some of the offensive linemen, and they all seemed like nice guys," said Bell. "They were very open, easy going and I like how they all communicate with each other. They pretty much have themselves a family over there. I really loved that."

Bell recently listed a top five schools of Ole Miss, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida State, and South Florida, and aid that list still remains the same.

"Yes sir, it's still those five schools. They're the ones I'm looking at right now," said Bell. "I don't have a leader and everybody is the same right now."

Bell talked about what keeps South Florida among his list of favorites.

"I like their facilities, I like they're football program, and I really like they're defensive line coach a lot," said Bell. "He's seems like a very good coach, is straight forward and has a great sense of humor."

In making his decision Bell knows what he's looking for in a college program, and it's just the basics.

"Education and football, said Bell. "That's it."

The stand-out prospect attended the USF spring game, and has been trying to get back over to see the schools facilities, but couldn't make it until this past weekend.

"I've been wanted to get over there, and I'm real glad I made the trip," said Bell. "I've wanted to check them out for some time. Coach Patrick was real happy that I finally made it."

Bell said he really enjoyed the trip and says USF is a program that he wants to come back and see more.

"I really enjoyed meeting the team, and the coaches were great," said Bell. Watching the practice was my favorite part and I liked watching the one-on-one drills. On the d-line number 97 (Terrell McClain) looked real good, and number 61 (Keith McCaskill) had a high motor."

"Yes, I'm going to come back during the season," said Bell. "I want to come back during a game and watch them play."

With high school football camp starting next week, what's on tap for Bell the rest of the summer?

"I'm pretty much done with visits this summer until I take my official visits later this fall," said Bell. "I don't have any of them set up yet, or know for sure of where I'll be going. I do feel pretty comfortable with my top five schools so far."

Stay tuned with USFNation.com as we keep you updated on Terry Bell's recruitment and the rest of the class of 2011.

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