OL Thor Jozwiak Talks USF Commitment

Thor Jozwiak, Lake Region's 6-foot-4 and 290 pound offensive lineman committed to USF last night and the standout OL talks in detail about his decision to play for the Bulls here.

Thor Jozwiak, Lake Region's 6-foot-4 and 290 pound offensive lineman committed to USF last night and the standout OL talks about his decision to play for Bulls here.

"Yes sir, I committed to USF last night said Jozwiak. "I'm so excited. I'm jacked up and can't wait to get there."

How did the commitment come down?

"I went to USF in the beginning of the summer in June, and we live in Polk County, so I've always been close to USF just by watching the program, but never thought I'd be able to go there.

"I went to USF when I started my summer trips. And went down there and worked out with coach Shankweiler and met Coach Holtz, and just got a feeling that something big is fixing to happen, and I want to be part of it."

"This summer I visited everywhere, I went to Florida, West Virginia, South Carolina, Clemson, and others. I saw a lot of places and had options available, but USF, I just love it down there, and there's something about it that just makes me want to be there."

How do you feel now that you're committed?

"I'm excited, very excited, but right now I have to focus on my senior year, and get that done, and then I'll head to USF with a bigger future in mind."

What's your current height & weight, did you put some size on since the spring?

"I'm 6-4, 290 pounds now, and yeah, I put a lot of size on. All I've been doing is working out, eating right, and put on about 20 pounds since the Under Armor combine. Coming out of last year I was 6'2-230, and teams were worried about my size. After the season I hit the weight room, starting working out and gained about 50 pounds."

How many offers did you have?

"I had eight that I knew of, Boston College, Louisville, West Virginia, Iowa State, USF, Duke, Syracuse, and there was one more. I went to Florida and they liked me, but were borderline due to my size, and I haven't spoken to them since."

When did you decide you were going to commit?

"I've been thinking about it for the last few weeks since I came back from all my trips, probably the last two weeks, and somewhere around Thursday something just threw me over the edge, and I was ready. I love USF with all my heart and I can't wait until it actually happens. It's a feeling I get, and just loved it down there."

What are some of the things that you like about USF?

"I just love the coaching staff, Coach Holtz is probably one of the greatest guys that I've ever met, and their coaching staff, Coach Shankweiler is an awesome guy and he knows his stuff about the game. The tight end coach Larry Scott, is another great guy and knows the game. The USF facilities are just great, I love the weight room, and they're just putting in new practices fields, and a new dining facility and they play in Raymond James Stadium, which is one of the best playing fields in college. I think its ranked the best playing surface for the past five years."

"I just love it down there, the new dining facility for the athletes is going to be awesome, and the way everything is down there, I just love it."

Who did you call first, how they react?

"I called Larry Scott, the tight ends coach, and then he gave the phone to coach Shank, and they put on coach Holtz. I probably talked to coach Holtz for around ten minutes. They were very excited, and it was a great feeling to have the coaches jump on like that. Truthfully USF has been the only school that has been heavily recruiting me from the very beginning. I've had recruiting, but USF they're the ones that went over the top. Yeah that felt good, but it's more than just that. I really love the Bulls and that's all I can say. USF is my place to be for the next five years of my life."

What positions are they recruiting you for?

"They recruiting me for offensive guard sir, that and maybe center. I'll be coming in as an interior lineman."

What are your thoughts on USF OL Coach Shankweiler?

"I just love coach Shank, truly love him. He's a great guy and he's one of the wisest coaches that I ever met with about offensive line play. He blew me away with how he talked about blocking schemes, oh man, I was sitting there and just saying to myself that this guy really knows what he's talking about. I can't wait to play for him."

What were the other schools that were in the running? How about West Virginia?

"West Virginia was on my mind, just because my dad went there and he was a three-time consensus all-American there, the name is very well known, I have friends in West Virginia, and that was the conservative pick. Growing up through my childhood I was brought up rooting for the Mountaineers, and I was born in West Virginia and I always wanted to be a Mountaineer, but the closer and closer I got to this stage in my life, the farther away I got from wanting to play at West Virginia, and they were in my mind, but not as much as South Florida."

"I heavily considered Duke, I loved the campus there, and they have a world class education, and a lot of people can't pass that up. A degree from Duke means a lot. The football program has done okay, and that was probably the biggest one that I fought over. If Florida would have offered and been in the mix, I still think I would've picked USF. I would have considered them, but it wasn't the same vibe I got at USF."

What was that vibe that you felt at USF?

"It was killer, and just awesome. The vibe they got down there is just incredible, that's the best word to describe it. They're going to move that program from where they are now straight to the top, and I'm looking forward to being part of it. It's just an incredible atmosphere they got going on down there."

Since Duke offered, what's your GPA and test score?

"I have a 3.0 core GPA and took the ACT, and scored a 22."

When are you planning on going back to USF?

"I'm most likely going to be there for the first game against Stony Brook, I think it's on September 2nd. I may catch a few practices to; it's only 45 minutes away."

Do you have any plans to take any other visits or are you done?

"I'm going to USF! I already took my visits during the summer and saw everything that I needed to from top to bottom. Basically the only thing that would be different would be going to a game. I'm going to USF and don't have to take any other visits. I'm committed to USF a hundred and twenty percent!"

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