First Look: 2010 USF Preseason Depth Chart

USF Head Coach Skip Holtz releases his first initial depth chart of training camp

As promised Coach Skip Holtz finally released his initial depth chart of training camp this week.


QB - B.J. Daniels, Bobby Eveld / Jamius Gunsby
RB - Moise Plancher, Demetris Murray,
FB/H - Richard Kelly, Jeff Hawkins
TE - Kevin Gidrey, Andrew Ketchel
Andreas Shields, Isaac Virgin

WR - Dontavia Bogan, T.J. Knowles
WR- Evan Landi, Faron Hornes
WR - Lindsey Lamar, Victor Marc / Joel Miller

LT - Jamar Bass, Damien Edwards.
LG - Jeremiah Warren, John Mcghin
OC - Sampson Genus, Kevin McCaskill.
RGChaz Hine, Danous Estenor
RT Jake Sims, Quinterrius Eatmon


DE - David Bedford, Ryne Giddins,
DT –Terrell McClain, Luke Sager/Anthony Hill.
DT Cory Grissom, Keith McCaskill
DE - Craig Marshall Julius Forte / Patrick Hampton

SAM -Jacquian Williams, Donte Spires.
MLB - Mike Lanaris, Armando Sanchez
WLB Sabbath Joseph, DeDe Lattimore and Curtis Weatherspoon .

RC - Mistral Raymond, Quenton Washington,
- Jerrell Young, Jaquez Jenkins
FS –John Lejiste, Mark Joyce
LC – Kayvon Webster. George Baker, Terrence Mitchell


K -Eric Schwartz/ Maikon Bonani,
P - Justin Brockhaus-Kann, Chris Veron.
LS - Mike Walsh

Depth Chart Notes

--At QB, B.J. Daniels is the starter, but both freshmen QBs Gunsby & Eveld are both listed at back-up

-- Sophomore speedster Lindsey Lamar who switched from running back to wide receiver in the spring, is now listed as a starter.

-- Redshirt-freshman Isaac Virgin who moved from tight end to fullback to receiver is backing up Shields in the TE/WR ‘A' position.

--Sophomore Jeff Hawkins who was listed as a top TE in the spring is listed as the number two FB behind Richard Kelly.

--ECU Transfer Kevin Gidrey is listed as the starting TE with Andrew Ketchel as back-up. That's six tight ends/full backs/WR ‘A's listed on the two deep. (13 roster spots on offense)

--Red shirt freshman John McGhin is backing up Jeremiah Warren at Guard

-- True Freshman Quinterrius Eatmon is listed as back-up to Jake Sims at tackle.

-- Senior Jamar Bass is listed as the starting left tackle backed up by Damien Edwards with Mark Popek being injured.

--Redshirt-freshman Luke Sager who switched from d-end to defensive tackle is second on the depth chart behind Terrell McClain.

--Sophomore DT Cory Grissom is listed as the starter with Keith McCaskill backing him up.

--Redshirt frosh Julius Forte is listed on the two deep with Patrick Hampton at D-end.

--Sophomore Mike Lanaris is listed as the starter and is backed up by Armando Sanchez with Sam Barrington missing time.

--In the secondary Mistral Raymond is listed as starting corner, backed up by Quenton Washington. On the other side Kayvon Webster is the starter with George Baker and Frosh Terrence Mitchell backing up.

--Jerrell Young is listed at strong safety with red shirt freshman Jaquez Jenkins at back-up and Jon Lejiste is at strong with true frosh Mark Joyce as top back-up.

--At the kicker position neither is listed as a starter with both Coach Holtz and Hargreaves saying that may not be decided until the end.

--Justin Brockhaus-Kann has retained the starting job over freshman Chris Veron.

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