Wellington OL Gudmundsson Talks USF

USF received a commitment from Brynjar Gudmundsson, a 6'5, 267 pound offensive lineman from Wellington HS on Monday. USFNation caught up with the talented OL prospect and you can read all the details here.

The USF staff keeps the commitment momentum rolling as Brynjar Gudmundsson, a 6'5 1/2, 267 pound offensive lineman from Wellington High School in Wellington, FL. just committed to Coach Holtz.

In last week's edition of recruiting quick hits, we mentioned the Wellington OL, saying he was very close to committing, and today he pulled the trigger.

"I went to USF for their camp and that went real well. They offered me and that has really been the main school that I've been looking at, and they have been my number one choice."

Gudmundsson chose USF over offers from UCF, Marshall, FIU and might have a few more that he's not aware of yet. he was also receiving a lot of interest as schools that were waiting to see his play in the first few games of the season.

"Syracuse was talking to me a lot, and wanted me to send more tape, and Bowling Green said if I came to a camp they would offer me, but since I couldn't go they were still going to recruit me," said Gudmundsson. "My coach said a lot of teams were going to come though during the season and wanted me to not make an early decision."

Brynjar did say that his coach said that if it feels right and that's what I want to do, then just go for it as in making an early commitment, and after mulling it over, that's exactly how he felt.

"I wanted to make an early decision and South Florida has really been where my mind has been at," said Gudmundsson. "I can't think of another school that I would rather be at. I've wanted to tell them that they were my choice for some time."

"USF was definitely my number one school," said Gudmundsson. "I've been keeping in contact with them through e-mails and what not, but I've been focusing on high school football so I haven't had the opportunity to talk to them much, but they've been my top choice, and gave me that feeling."

The Wellington standout said there were many things he liked about USF, but the coaching staff is what stood out the most.

"I really like the coaching staff, they really stood out to me," said Gudmundsson. "Coach Kevin Patrick was great, and I especially loved their offensive line coach a lot, as a person and as a coach, Coach Shank seems like a really great guy."

"I was really impressed with how a lot of their coaches on their staff would actually send me hand written letters, including Head Coach Skip Holtz, seeing how my summer was going, and wishing me good luck on the season. I really liked that and it showed how much the staff was interested in me. They made it very clear that they wanted me as part of their team, and that made me feel very welcome right off the bat about coming to South Florida."

Gudmundsson attended the USF SuperBull camp during the summer and loved the experience.

"The camp was great and I really liked the way Coach Shank coached on the field, and his style of coaching," said Gudmundsson. "We got rained out before we could do a lot of the competition, so it was really just meeting the staff and listening to what the coaches had to say, but i thought it was real nice and a great atmosphere, and the coaches there really seemed like they're serious about what they're doing and ready to put that program where they're supposed to be. I also loved being in Raymond James Stadium and thought it was a great place to be able to play football in."

While in Tampa, Gudmundsson also got a chance to check out the USF facilities as well.

"I didn't get to see the whole campus but got to see the athletic facilities," said Brynjar. "I went and took a tour with Coach Patrick and met a couple of the other staff members while there. "I saw the weight room, locker rooms and things like that. I thought they were real nice and seemed like everything was top notch stuff. The weight room was great and somewhere I can see myself working out in for the next 4-5 years. The locker rooms were real nice and had big screen TVs in there and it all seemed real cool, and seeing all of it was awesome."

Brynjar said he doesn't know any players personally yet, but is aware of one of the Bulls offensive lineman.

"There's a player Danous Estenor, that went to Palm Beach Central that I haven't met but a coach on my team that coached at Central told me about him committing there and that he really liked it there and said the staff was great."

Gudmundsson said he's been keeping up with the team through videos that the staff was sending him from camp this summer.

"They sent me videos of the team while they were at Vero Beach training at Dodgertown," said Brynjar. "I thought it was real cool and I liked how the team functions, and they seemed like a family over there, and that's something I want to be a part of."

Brynjar has been a standout offensive lineman at Wellington for the last four years, playing JV his freshman year and then played varsity during his sophomore and junior years, and has been getting mentioned in top lists, and went to a Sun Sentinel media day about the top 32 in the county. With his senior season approaching, the 6-foot-5, 267 pound lineman said his offseason has been going real well and summer work outs have been going great, as he's gotten bigger and stronger.

"I was about 252 at the start of the spring and definitely gotten bigger as I've been working out a lot and put on some weight," said Gudmundsson. "I gotten a lot stronger, I'm benching 330 and squatting 365-380 pounds."

The talented offensive line prospect plays at Wellington, which is a smaller school, and hasn't gotten a lot of press, but he's just fine with that.

"I think about that sometimes, but we got a good team going now and that's all that matters to me, and my coach has done the best that he can in getting colleges to come through and get a look at me," said Gudmundsson. "Wellington is my home school, and I'm not the type to leave the team because there smaller or having a losing season like a lot of other kids. I'm at where I'm at and happy with it."

Right now Brynjar said his goals are to win district champs for his team, and win at least one play-off game, and hopefully be recognized after the season.

In the classroom Brynjar has a 2.9 GPA, and scored a 1090 on his SAT and is fully qualified.

"I should have my GPA over a 3.0 by the end of my senior season, and have already talked to my advisor to make sure I'll have the 16 credits to be academically eligible for a division one scholarship."

Gudmundsson says he plans on making a return trip to Tampa as soon as he can to check out the rest of the campus.

"I'm definitely planning on visiting them again real soon with my Dad, I know they're busy with the season starting, so whenever is a good time for everybody is when I'll go back over."

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