Johnson makes a splash in debut

SMU commit Nyle Johnson didn't waste any time making his presence felt in his first game at Dunham, accounting for almost 250 yards as his team won easily on the road at Opelousas Catholic. Read further to get Johnson's observations on the SMU/Texas Tech game, as well as his reaction to fellow Louisiana native Jermaine Sams' recent verbal.

"We got out on them early," said Dunham WR Nyle Johnson concerning his team's 35-12 victory over Opelousas Catholic last Friday. "Dylan Yesso scored the first touchdown, then we picked them off and returned it for six points.

"One thing led to another and once we were up, 21-6, I caught an 85-yard screen and took it to the house. It was a middle screen where I line up on the outside with a slot receiver inside.

"I bubbled back and caught it behind the line. The blockers had a wall set up for me all the way past the linebackers and once I got into the secondary, I made a couple of moves on their DBs. It was my first TD after all this drama (changing schools) and it felt good.

"We never punted and had a lot of good drives, although we did have a lot of fumbles. I had a couple of good returns, including a 65-yard punt return.

"It was early in the fourth quarter and they punted it high into the lights. I think their coverage thought I was going to call for a fair catch, but I didn't."

On the night, Johnson caught three passes for 116 yards (approximately 39 yards per catch) to go along with 129 return yards.

With Johnson joining the team at Dunham just a few weeks ago, was it difficult to learn the playbook in a hurry?

"The toughest part of learning our plays was learning the blocking schemes," he said. "The routes were easy to learn. The playbook at Capitol is much more complex, in terms of the passing game.

"Dunham runs the Wing-T and there are some differences (in blocking assignments) for receivers, depending on whether the play, for example, is a counter or dive."

Johnson, who added that he enjoys blocking, had some comments about the SMU/Texas Tech game, as well as the recent commitment of St. Paul's WR Jermaine Sams.

"SMU started off bad, but I had faith in them," he said. "Kyle Padron was a little rattled at first, but he looked like himself in the second half. SMU will be alright. They'll shakeback from this.

"I'm going to take my official visit for the Houston game, and I'm going to meet Jermaine Sams there. We've become good friends from talking to each other on the computer and via texts.

"We were talking during the game, and he's a great dude who will be a good teammate at SMU. I've watched his highlight tape and I'm looking forward to meeting up with him for the Houston game.

"Coach (Jeff) Reinebold said that the two of us are going to do some damage in the slot at SMU."

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