Sams Scores Twice

Last week, Jermaine Sams caught a 99-yard pass for a TD and the senior WR from St. Paul's continued to capitalize on opportunities tonight. Sams and the Wolves are now 3-0 on the season and ranked in the top five in Louisiana's Class 5A. Find out what the explosive SMU commit did on the field earlier this evening.

"We won 75-0 (over Cohen High School of New Orleans)," said St. Paul's WR Jermaine Sams of his team's third victory in three weeks. "I had two touchdowns.

"On the first one, our defense got a safety and then I returned the punt following the safety for a touchdown. It was 67 yards. Our special teams set up a nice wall for me and I just ran through it and made a move on the last defender.

"My other touchdown came on a 25-yard fade route. Our quarterback, Alec Duncan, threw it up for me and I caught it near the back of the end zone. I had to drag one of my feet in-bounds to make the catch.

"Our starters only played the first quarter, but we had fun watching our freshmen and junior varsity finish the game. We have some good young players.

"Next week, we play Mandeville, which is our biggest rivalry, and we're looking forward to playing them and getting the win."

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