Longoria shows versatility

SMU commit Derek Longoria can hurt opponents in several ways. He's a punter, safety, running back, and return man for the undefeated and top-ranked Class 3A Brownwood Lions, and he even threw a TD pass a couple of weeks ago.

The 5-0 Brownwood Lions have scored more points in the past two weeks (119) than some teams score in an entire season, and SMU commit Derek Longoria accounted for a portion of the Lions' offensive explosion.

"I threw a 30-yard touchdown pass against Llano," said Longoria. "It was on our third play from scrimmage. On that play, I take the handoff and act like I'm going to run, while the receiver acts like he's blocking for me - then he goes downfield on a route.

"I threw it to him and he caught it around the six-yard line and ran it in. Last week against China Spring, I was mad because I was headed for a touchdown on a return and I fumbled on a little rinky-dink hit and they recovered.

"I also returned a kick - following a safety - down to China Spring's one-yard line. It was 59 yards and I think that I was over the line. It should have been a touchdown. I don't care what anyone says; I'm going to score on a return one of these days."

Brownwood, which defeated Llano, 54-14, and China Spring, 65-14, faces unbeaten All-Saints of Fort Worth this week.

"I don't know anything about them yet," said Longoria of the Fort Worth private school. "Hopefully, it will be a good game. I heard from someone who knows people over there - that they're scared to play us."

What does Longoria think about the fact that his team is running roughshod over every opponent?

"We've proven people wrong that try to talk big and say that we can't stop this - or that we can't do that," he said. "We really want to win and we never have a bad day in practice.

"It's definitely been a good start to my senior year, although I wish the starters could get a little more playing time. We don't need any injuries though."

Longoria, who is being recruited by the Mustangs as a defender, recorded eight tackles against Llano and six versus China Spring.

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