2012 Trinity Valley DE to visit soon

Trinity Valley defensive end Spencer Stanley impressed the coaching staff at SMU football camp last summer, and he's been invited by the Mustangs to watch the upcoming game vs. Tulsa.

Trinity Valley, the defending Southwest Prep II champion, got off to a rocky start this season, losing its first three games. That adversity, however, will benefit the Trojans in the long run, according to junior DE Spencer Stanley.

"We had a really tough schedule to open the year, with three games against new opponents that we didn't face last year," said Stanley (6-foot-4, 235 pounds).

"We won our first district game last week, 24-7 (vs. Episcopal), and we beat White Deer in the previous game. In all three of our losses, our offfense and defense just couldn't produce enough to pull it out. Regardless, we'll be better prepared as a result of our tough schedule."

While the Trojans were sluggish in the opening weeks of the season, Stanley was on top of his game from the outset.

"I was named Defensive Player of the Week when we played Midland Christian," he said. "I went against TCU commit Bobby Thompson every play of the game - on both offense and defense.

"It was good for morale for me to be able to play with one of the top ten offensive tackles in Texas. I've had a few sacks this year and my coaches have said that I've been playing intelligent football."

One play in particular stood out to Stanley this year.

"I chased down the ballcarrier on an 80-yard run," he said. "He took the handoff on an outside sweep and and I was in pursuit from the backside. I caught him at our five-yard line. I guess it's pretty good for a defensive end to catch someone like that from behind."

Stanley is looking forward to watching the SMU/Tulsa game up-close and personal.

"Coach (Bert) Hill contacted me back on September 1rst," he said, "the first day that recruiters can call us. He invited me to the Tulsa game and I graciously accepted and appreciated it.

"I'm super-excited about the SMU game. They hung in there with TCU and they've looked great this year. I think that SMU will handle Tulsa pretty easily and I'm excited to get the opportunity to watch it."

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