Wimbley impressed by SMU Defense

Forney defensive tackle Rishaad Wimbley, having attended multiple games at Ford Stadium this season, is one of the most enthusiastic pledges in SMU's recruiting class and he was present again last night for the Mustangs' win over Tulsa.

"I liked it," boomed Rishaad Wimbley when asked about his reaction to SMU's 21-18 victory over Rice last night in Dallas. "SMU is playing better defense and they're playing together. It's not a lot of solo stuff, but a unit working together.

"I watched Tulsa earlier in the year and knew that they came into the SMU game with a big average (Tulsa was averaging close to 40 points per game). I had seen them put up a bunch of points earlier during the season."

Wimbley's senior season hasn't gone as well as expected -- Forney is 2-5 -- and the big defensive tackle didn't mince words when questioned about his opinion.

"It's horrible," he stated. "Our chances of making the playoffs are slim-to-none -- several things that are out of our control have to go right. The best thing that we can do is win out."

This week, the Jackrabbits host 4-2 Red Oak.

"They're a good team," Wimbley said of the Hawks. "Our whole district is good. I had a great game a couple of weeks ago against Waxahachie. I dominated in that one.

"Last week, I played much of the game on each side of the ball. I usually play fullback in some select packages, but I played it more than usual against Terrell.

"I blocked for Lesley (Booker) and he had over 200 yards rushing. It was frustrating, because we beat them everywhere but the scoreboard."

Terrell edged Forney, 24-21.

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