Preston's SMU official weekend reaction

The biggest recruiting weekend since the 80's is wrapping up for SMU. will be updating you all day, starting with SMU commitment Conner Preston. Get his thoughts on the official, what he took away from the weekend, and if he thinks other visitors had a good time?

I know you have been here before, but what was your thoughts this weekend?

"I enjoyed my visit. It was my first time seeing a game. I know there were a lot of distractions with the weather and stuff, but I was really focused on observing Coach Jones and how he conducts things with the team. I was watching to see how the team reacted to him and how they reacted to the game."

What did you guys do during that rain delay?

"They had everyone bottled up in the concession area for a long time. We sort of just sat around for a while. They then had some interns walk us around the facilities and show us around and talk about the school. We pretty much just hung out."

Did you feel this was a weekend where SMU was still trying to recruit you? Sort of a chance for them to wine and dine you. Or was more of the focus on you and the other commitments trying to sell the program to guys that are not committed?

"I think it was a combination of both. I had a lot of good conversations with Coach Jones, Coach Morrison, and Coach Klemm. We actually talked about a lot of things, not just football. But, this was the first time I have had really personal conversations with Coach Jones and Coach Klemm. Even Coach Morrison to an extent. I got a feeling of what type of people they are and they were able to get a feel for me."

You were around them a lot. What do you think Dontae Levingston and Alex Mitchell thought? Two guys that are potential lineman for you in the future

"I had never talked to Alex before. I had heard about him, but we had never talked. I think Coach Klemm is really good representative of SMU and the lineman really feel close to him and bonded with him. You can take a lot of things away from the game. I know a lot of those guys said they feel they can play early. They think they could make a major impact. It's a point that draws them in. For guys that want to play in the NFL or are just that competitive, playing early is a big deal and a big sell."

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