Getting McDermott Ready

SMU offensive coordinator Dan Morrison told in December, "you have to really have three or four guys ready at the quarterback position. It's the centerpiece in this offense." Now, SMU looks to get J.J. McDermott ready, the junior will continue to get work at various times throughout the season.

Ready or not, here comes J.J. McDermott.

Okay, let's be clear. There is no starting quarterback battle. There won't be this year. There is no way McDermott gets more reps in a game then Padron. But, the backup quarterback is going to continue to get work in key situations.

"I'm trying to get him in when it counts, instead of mop up duty," said SMU head coach June Jones. "That is what I did at Hawaii. In fact, I feel like I haven't done that because we haven't been as sharp offensively. But usually, I put the 2nd team quarterback in to get some work. You usually need him at some point in the season."

It's true, just like Bo Levi Mitchell went down against Houston last year, Kyle Padron is only one hit away from being out for a couple games. If SMU wants to go to a bowl year in and year out, the Mustangs backup quarterback has to be ready.

Against Tulane the two rotated play-by-play in the 3rd quarter and it looks like the trend will continue, the Mustangs coaching staff is opting to do it this way instead of series-by-series.

"When we talked about it, June decided that it might be better doing it 1-by-1," said SMU offensive coordinator Dan Morrison. "The advantage of that is you get help from the other guy on the drive as well. Now, there is arguments on the other side as well...It could definitely change next time. He could get a whole series at some point. It just really depends on the situation. We want to keep helping him grow and get back into playing. It's been a while since he has really played."

McDermott registered three passing attempts in New Orleans, completing just one four-yard pass.

"We have to just keep doing what we do and hopefully help J.J. get the best of what he does with the opportunities he gets," said Morrison. "He was disappointed with some of his throws last week, but I think as he gets more work his confidence will grow."

With a play-by-play rotation at times by the two quarterbacks, fans have raised questions if the Mustangs will become predictable? Calling one style of offensive play for each quarterback.

"I don't think that would happen. The only difference between the two is Kyle is maybe a little more mobile. As far as the play calling, it will be the same. They both will have running and passing plays," said Morrison. "Really, there is not a throw that one of them is better than the other in. They both make the same type of throws."

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