New Staff Additions Give SMU Hope

SMU Men's Basketball Head Coach Matt Doherty is excited about his new assistant hires on the Hilltop. He says there is a trust factor there. Come inside to get the breakdown on the two new assistants.

Fifth-year head coach Matt Doherty returns for another season, but this time, has brought in some fresh faces on the coaching staff in hopes of giving SMU an advantage of opposing Conference USA rivals.

Mangino's Coaching Stops
  Montclair State: 1983-84
  Graduate Assistant

  Yale: 1984=86

  George Washington: 1986-91

  Clark: 1991-96
  Head Coach

  Ferrum College (VA): 1996-00
  Head Coach

  Air Force Academy: 2000-07
  Assistant Head Coach

  Denver Nugetts: 2007-09
  Player Development

One of those new additions is Larry Mangino. After SMU let go of assistant coach Reggie Geary in the off-season, Doherty decided on Mangino as the perfect fit for the club.

"He brings an expertise in what we call the spread offense to us that probably not many people have in the country and with his success at the Air Force academy…I feel like if they could do that there, we could do it here," said Doherty.

SMU's spread offense will look to create a lot of openings for their shooters and give Papa Dia, a preseason C-USA second-team member, a lot of opportunities to touch the ball down low.

"The style of play is a little bit faster than what they did at the Air Force Academy, but the same style of play where five guys are moving and touching the bal and cutting hard and it's really hard to guard," said Doherty.

As for the defense, that will remain the same as it has in seasons past.

"Defensively we're probably sticking a little bit more to what we did last year: zone defense. But [Mangino] certainly adds some knowledge to that as well," said Doherty.

But Mangino isn't the only new face on the sidelines. Jerry Hobbie was named the assistant head coach in August after spending time with Houston, Fairfield, and Fordham.

"Jerry has won everywhere he's been. He brings that mentality, that east coast mentality… He's a really good shooting coach," said Doherty.

At the collegiate level, Hobbie's teams have made eight of 16 possible appearances in the postseason as a player and coach. With SMU looking to improve upon their shooting and overall offensive scheme, Hobbie's offensive mindset could be the right fit for the Mustangs.

But it's not all about his coaching skills that makes him the perfect fit in SMU.

"He's also a little bit of a character which makes it fun for not only the players but for the staff," said Doherty.

Doherty and his new look staff are set to begin their season this upcoming Friday and are hoping to get off to a fast start before conference play begins.

"This is probably the most excited I feel since I've been here because this is the first group of seniors that have been through the program for four years," said Doherty.

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