SMU Makes Grant's Early Top Three Standouts

Fullerton J.C. defensive tackle Uriah Grant is a hot commodity, but SMU's Adrian Klemm is up for the challenge. broke the news that the Mustangs had offered and now we fill you in on what he has to say about SMU. If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

For the readers, update us on who you have offers from and who you are talking to.
"Right now, I have offers from SMU, Utah State, Arizona, Baylor, Washington, and I'm still talking with Cincinnati. That is all I can really think of right now."

Anyone standing out?
"At this point, I would say three schools are standing out. SMU, Washington, and Arizona."

What is it about those three that make them standout?
"Well, when it comes to Washington and Arizona. They are traditional Pac-10 schools. They are programs that are well known and have great academics. Programs where the coaches have NFL experience.

SMU is more of a school where they are on the rise. A school where I could be part of something special. They are definitely headed in the right direction."

I know Coach Klemm is your recruiter, what do you think of him?
"He seems like a really good guy. A guy that understands the game of football and knows what he is talking about. Every coach seems like a good guy, but he stands out."

He is a guy who has played at the highest level and had success. Three Super Bowls is no joke. When a guy like that says he is interested in you, does it hold a little extra weight?
"It makes me feel good. I know in my heart that one day I will be in the NFL. He knows what it takes to get there. He's been there and won there. He has to be a great coach. He could be a guy that I could to talk about it. He's experienced it."

When you looking to make a decision?
"That is the number one question right now I'm getting. I want to narrow my schools down to five before I try to decide when I will make a decision. I definitely want to visit some schools. I feel like more schools are getting involved every day. I would like to narrow it down to five by December 11th."

Last but not least, your stats this season at Fullerton J.C.?
"40 something tackles, 17 for loss, and seven sacks."

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