Wimbley: "I had plenty of fun"

Defensive tackle Rishaad Wimbley took his official visit to SMU over the weekend, and you can get the reaction from the future Mustang right here.

"I had plenty of fun," said SMU commit Rishaad Wimbley of Forney High School in regard to his visit to The Hilltop this weekend. "My host was Marquis Frazier and we had fun - plenty of fun.

"Everybody was cool and there was a good group of athletes there (taking official visits). I looked them all up before the weekend started. I always check up and see who we have coming to SMU."

What did head coach June Jones have to say to Wimbley during their one-on-one meeting today?

"He really wants me to get playing time next year," said the senior defensive tackle. "He said that I'm so explosive; that my explosiveness was what set me apart from other prospects that camped at SMU over the summer. He says that I can come in and possibly start next season."

As previously reported, Wimbley was looking to set a new powerlifting record over the next few months, but things might have changed there.

"I might have shoulder surgery and that would cause me to miss powerlifting," he said. "I dislocated my shoulder my sophomore year and got a bad diagnosis. A trainer told me that I was okay (to resume playing), but I really wasn't.

"I'm going to talk it over with my grandpa and my dad and then see the doctor. Even if I wait (until after powerlifting season), I'm going to have to have the surgery either way. They're just going to go in and tighten up my shoulder."

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