Klemm's Cali commits are close-knit

Bishop Montgomery defensive end Christian Holloway is one of a handful of California-based SMU commitments that were hand-picked by Mustangs recruiter Adrian Klemm, and Holloway hasn't wasted any time getting acquainted with his future teammates. Yesterday, Holloway had a meeting with two more of Klemm's pledges from the Golden State. Find out who they were right here.

"I had dinner with Conner Preston and Devon Moreland yesterday," said Bishop Montgomery DE Christian Holloway. "We were talking about SMU, about how Conner is going to be leaving soon to start school at SMU, about the bowl game, and about all-star games that we may or may not play in.

"We talked about how SMU is the right place for us to be, and the more I learn and find out about it, the more I like it. I'm supposed to talk to Coach Klemm later today and I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully, we'll talk about the bowl game."

Holloway faced Preston on the gridiron last year, but it was the first time they met off the field.

"We wanted to meet because Conner is about to leave to enroll at SMU," explained Holloway. "All of us California guys are bonding. We had hoped that Dontae Levingston would make it yesterday, but he wasn't able to.

"I had already met Devon; we actually work out together. It was just cool to get together and all meet like that."

-Josh Harvey-

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