Stanley to U.S. Army National Junior Combine

2012 defensive end Spencer Stanley will test his abilities next week against the rest of the nation's best juniors in the prestigious U.S. Army National Combine, and he also attended the Armed Forces Bowl on Thursday. Get the latest news on the 6-foot-4, 240-pounder, who has unlimited potential.

Spencer Stanley has a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde" personality. Off the field, Stanley is the consummate mild-mannered, soft-spoken, polite young man.

When he steps onto the field, however, there's quite a change in his demeanor. Stanley, who plays both offensive line and defensive line for Trinity Valley, quite simply crushes opposing DL - pounding them into the ground and into submission. All, of course, within the framework of the rules, but with a ferocity not often seen from an offensive lineman.

"It's like something turns on and off - similar to a light switch," explained Stanley, a 6-foot-4, 240-pound junior prospect. "I get mean when I'm on the field. Our coaches always preach that we should destroy our man; take them down and finish them, so that they don't linger around and get to the football."

That aggressive mindset, combined with Stanley's natural God-given ability, has resulted in the '12 prospect receiving an invitation to test his mettle against the rest of the nation's elite juniors in the upcoming U.S. Army National Combine.

"I'm very excited about that," he said. "I've been working out all the time, sometimes twice a day. Our coach says that football is a year-round sport; getting ready for the games and then playing them.

"I hope to do well at the combine and then possibly get selected to play in the (U.S. Army All-American) bowl game next year."

Which schools are recruiting him the heaviest?

"SMU, Boise State, Louisiana Tech, and Ole Miss are the ones I hear from most frequently," Stanley said. "I've been hearing quite a lot from Kevin Curtis, who is Tech's recruiter for this area."

Several weeks ago, Stanley took a trip to Boise State.

"It was neat to see things up there," he said. "We watched them play and when I was on the sideline, my dad said that I'm not much smaller than some of their defensive linemen, and I'm 16 and they're 22 years old."

The junior also attended the Armed Forces Bowl on Thursday.

"I was there and unfortunately, SMU didn't come out on top, but they showed heart coming from behind in the second half.

"I watched Pony Excess on TV, and I loved seeing the history of SMU - I'm a history buff - and the rise and fall of the program. My favorite part was the last 5-to-10 minutes with the current team, where they talked about how Coach Jones has SMU rising from the ashes. I want to be a part of a team that's getting something started like that."

With his combination of size, speed, and dexterity, Stanley has the ability to play a number of positions.

"Schools are primarily looking at me as a defensive lineman," he said. "I can play defensive end or defensive tackle, and maybe tight end or even outside linebacker."

-Josh Harvey-

-Josh Harvey-

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