Decision Time For Richardson?

In a recent interview, cornerback James Richardson indicated that he was going to make a final decision between SMU and Michigan on New Year's Day. What did Richardson say about that this afternoon? Get the answers here.

All-state cornerback James Richardson committed to SMU in late November, but shortly thereafter, his longtime favorite Michigan stepped up its pursuit of the Louisiana prospect.

In early December, Richardson took an official visit to Ann Arbor and subsequently declared that he was deadlocked between the Mustangs and Wolverines.

Then, just a few days ago, Richardson stated that he was leaning towards SMU and would make his final determination on New Year's Day.

What's the latest?

"I might end up waiting until National Signing Day to decide," he said. "I'm going to pray about it and go with my gut instinct. I like both schools and I'm comfortable at both schools.

"I'm watching to see what Coach (Rich) Rodriguez does in the second half (of the Gator Bowl). I watched the first half of the game (away from his house) and now I'm on the way home."

What was Richardson's reaction to Thursday's Armed Forces Bowl?

"Honestly, I thought that SMU didn't play bad," he said. "It was two programs going at it - that are trying to build things up. I like the way SMU played."

Has Richardson been in contact with any SMU commits or coaches over the past week?

"I've been talking to Jermaine Sams and Nyle Johnson," he said. "We talk all the time. I've also talked to Coach (Jeff) Reinebold a lot."

Richardson, Sams, and Johnson are all from southeast Louisiana, and all were recruited by Reinebold, the Mustangs WRs coach.

Richardson hails from the community of Central (and Central High School), which is a stone's throw northeast of Baton Rouge. Sams attends St. Paul's, a budding Class 5A powerhouse in Covington, while Johnson is from Baton Rouge.

-Josh Harvey-

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