Sams updates his status & talks SMU

Jermaine Sams discusses a variety of topics, including the Armed Forces Bowl, early playing time, and SMU's recruitment of other prospects. What is Sams' take on fellow Louisiana player James Richardson? Find out here.

Sams on his academic situation: "My GPA is good, and I just need to make a 19 on my ACT. I only need to bring it up from a 17, and I'm going to do that. I take it in February."

On the Armed Forces Bowl and Darius Johnson: "SMU should have won, but the offense got off to a slow start. My boy Darius Johnson, though, he's one of the best receivers in the nation, and we're going to be really good next year.

"He's going to be mentoring me. I talk to him all the time through texts and stuff, and he's going to make sure I learn the playbook. It's the same way with Keenan Holman. They're going to take me under their wing and show me the ropes. I've heard that Darius might have to miss some time, but I hope that he's back for next year."

On Coaches Jones and Reinebold: I talked to Coach Reinebold after the bowl game, and he asked me if I could see myself doing good in their offense. He said that I'm faster than Darius, and that I have the speed to break away from defenses.

"They need someone to come in and replace Aldrick Robinson, and they think I can make a big impact as a (true) freshman. Coach Jones is looking for me to come in and be a starting kick returner."

On fellow commits James Richardson and Nyle Johnson: "J.R. (Richardson) is solid with his decision (to SMU), and I talk to Nyle almost every other day. He's definitely solid with his commitment, and he's a solid wide receiver too. He's good; that's why he has BCS offers from other schools."

-Josh Harvey-

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