Freshman WR Ready To Execute

SMU true freshman wide receiver Jeremy Johnson learned an important thing this year. "Patience."

SMU true freshman wide receiver Jeremy Johnson learned an important thing this year.


The former high school quarterback appeard in five games for the Mustangs. An amazing feat, considering he had never played the wide receiver position before. Johnson's athletic ability made the transition an easy one.

"I was a probably a little disappointed. I only had the one catch, but the season was a lot of fun. I learned a lot and had fun with the 2nd team offense," said Johnson to "I really didn't get the ball thrown my way a lot. It definitely motivates me heading into the spring. I want to work hard and be part of the offense. I would say that is my biggest goal next season. To play and be a large contributor.

Johnson registered time in five games this season, recording one catch
"When I was out there, the speed of the game was a lot different. It was so much faster than I expected. You try to slow it down, but you can't. I'm to the point now that I can just go out and do the offense and not have to think about it. I can go out and react. Really it just allows me to play. I really want to go out there and show that I can excute everything now."

When Johnson committed to the program two summers ago, his main reason for committing was to be part of something special. To be part of a major college program turnaround. At this point, the freshman can see it happening.

"I believe that our class is a great foundation. A class that can help this school get back to the level they were at before. I thought we were going to win more games this year. But, at the same time it showed us that we have a lot more work to do.

"I think with Kyle being a year older, he's going to be better. I think the receivers have all grown and we have a replacement for Al. I think everything is coming together for a great season next year. Even if we lose some guys."

Johnson says he has adjusted to the rigorous schedule college athletes are subjected to, but it did take some getting used to.

"You are basically on your own for everything. You don't have someone harping on you to turn in homework and stuff like that. So, I would say school is a lot harder. Also the subjects are a lot more specific."

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