Sams Signs with SMU!

St. Paul's (Covington, La.) WR Jermaine Sams signed with the SMU Mustangs earlier today and you can get his reaction right here.

"We signed at 10:00 A.M. this morning," said Jermaine Sams. "It was me (SMU), Mickey Johnson (LSU), Tyler Tourelle (Southeastern), and some baseball stuff. It felt good. I signed first and there were cameras and everybody in my face. It was a little overwhelming.

"My parents, of course, were proud. They want the best for me and know I'm going to do well."

Sams went on to discuss his role in recruiting fellow Louisiana products: DBs James Richardson and Daren Kitchen.

"I told Coach Reinebold about both of those guys," he said. "I knew we needed some DBs and I got on them (Richardson and Kitchen). Once James visited the campus, he fell in love with it. I wasn't ever worried about him going to Michigan or any other school. With Daren, I knew he had other offers, but once I talked to him, I didn't worry about him either."

What does Sams expect next year and what type of relationship does he have with his recruiter, WRs coach Jeff Reinebold?

"I expect to play as a freshman and contribute," Sams said. "Coach Jones wants me to be ready to get into the rotation at slot receiver and return kicks. I'm looking forward to playing with Darius Johnson, Cole Beasley, Keenan Holman, and Kyle Padron. They're going to show me the ropes and how everything works.

"Coach Reinebold is like a second father to me. He even called me son one time. We have a strong relationship that has extended back a couple of years. He's actually the main reason that I'm going to SMU."

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