'13 Intro: WR Corey Cooper

When college scouts made the trek to Raleigh, North Carolina, last year to watch five-star RB Keith Marshall (Millbrook HS), they quickly realized they'll be making return visits to Millbrook for the next couple of years to see '13 WR Corey Cooper.

"I had 52 catches for 700 yards with nine touchdowns last year," said sophomore Corey Cooper (6-1, 185, 4.6). "I'm a deep threat and we had a strong-armed QB, so I was able to catch a lot of deep passes."

Defensive coordinators who faced Millbrook were in for a rude awakening if they tried too hard to stop Cooper's highly-touted teammate, five-star RB Keith Marshall.

"On the first play of one of our games, everybody thought Keith was going to get the ball and I burned them deep for a touchdown," said Cooper. "With Keith being a five-star recruit, that's allowed us to stretch defenses. Teams will often put seven-or-eight in the box and then I'll burn them deep."

With both Cooper and Marshall returning for their respective junior and senior seasons, Millbrook should improve on its 7-5 mark (from 2010).

"We only had two seniors on last year's team," said Cooper. "That's one reason I was able to get into the starting lineup so early. And I also had a really good junior varsity season (as a freshman). I think my size helped me, because I was bigger than the older receivers on our team."

In Millbrook's win over Broughton, Cooper caught four passes (three of which went for TDs) for more than 200 yards. He's already receiving mail from South Florida, Georgia Tech, and Tennessee. South Carolina is his early favorite.

Cooper got the opportunity to turn heads early last year when college scouts showed up to get a look at Marshall.

"There were 10-or-11 scouts at our first game," said Cooper. "Alabama, Oregon, and Georgia Tech were all there."

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