Practice Notes: Thursday 9/1

With A&M creeping up Sunday, Aggie War Hymn rings throughout Ford Stadium during Thursday's session.

1. For the last hour of practice today, Aggie War Hymn was blasting throughout the stadium. Before that, a video of Kyle Field footage was playing on the jumbotron, but it was on mute.

In my opinion, as soon as the sound came on, the players looked like they had a little attitude adjustment. It's like they all flexed their muscles and clinched their fists and looked like they were ready to take somebody out.

June Jones doesn't usually like to use sound to prepare for games, calling it "overrated," but he said the players asked him to do it for one day.

2. Jones told the players that they could be in the Top 15 if they win their first five games. "That's what we're striving to be," he said.

3. Cole Beasley wasn't wearing pads and didn't practice, but he's fine, nothing to worry about. Jones said his starting wide receiver was just nursing a bruised quadricep (his left) and that "he would play today if there was a game today."

4. Cornerback Kenneth Acker had the flu and didn't practice either. Jones didn't seem too worried, but he did mention that some of the other corners (namely sophomore Chris Parks) "need to grow up real fast."

5. Jones said the biggest thing defensive coordinator Tom Mason has preached this week is not to give up big plays.

"You can have everyone in the right position, but if you don't make a tackle, then all of the sudden, instead of a 3-yard gain, it's a 40-yard gain. We have to make big tackles on big-time players."

Meaning A&M running back and probable top-10 draft pick, Cyrus Gray.

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