J.J. McDermott Named Starting QB

After throwing two interceptions in the first two series against Texas A&M, June Jones pulled starting QB Kyle Padron for backup J.J. McDermott. At Tuesday's practice, Jones said, "both will play, but J.J. will start." McDermott is excited and ready for his chance this weekend against UTEP.

After back-to-back interceptions that resulted in two Texas A&M touchdowns in the first quarter, June Jones yanked starting quarterback Kyle Padron for backup J.J. McDermott.

McDermott would play the rest of the game and go 21 of 34 for 254 yards and a touchdown.

At practice Tuesday morning, McDermott was taking snaps with the first-team, Padron with the second-team. Afterward, Jones said, "both will play [this weekend against UTEP], but J.J. will start."

Jones said he was going to put Padron back in the game at Kyle Field Sunday, but the opportunity never came up.

"I wanted him to gather himself," Jones said. "And it looks like I made the right decision [not to put him back in]."

Padron has been SMU's starting quarterback for the past year-and-a-half, but has thrown seven interceptions in his last three games as a starter.

Jones said that he will get Padron in the game on Saturday though.

"You gotta have two quarterbacks ready," Jones said. "Kyle will play. Like in the [A&M] game, I was gonna play J.J. regardless of how Kyle did and I'll do the same this week…we should have done it that way last year."

Jones said that he's played with two quarterbacks at every team he's every been on, except he didn't last year because he didn't feel like he had two that knew the system well enough. Now he does.

So has there been more of a quarterback competition this preseason than everyone was aware of?

"Not really," Jones said.

Padron ignored the media after practice, saying he couldn't talk because he had to get to class.

After Padron cooled off Sunday, Jones told him, "If you're a quarterback, doesn't matter if you're in college or in the National Football League, you gotta deal with adversity."

As far as getting his chance to start his first game as a Mustang, McDermott is ready.

"I'm excited about the opportunity," he said. "What else can I say? That's why I came here. I wanted to play and now im getting my shot.

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