Five Quick Hits from Tuesday's Practice (9/6)

Injuries...the botched onside kick...the positives to take away from A&M...all that and more inside.

1.Starting center Blake McJunkin did not practice. He came out in the second half against A&M with a high ankle sprain, and he had a boot on today at practice.

"He'll be questionable," June Jones said. "There isn't as much swelling, but it's still a sprain. He'll be available for the game, we'll just see how it is on Friday."

2. A major turning point in Sunday's game was when SMU kicker Brad Namdar botched an onside kick. Down just 20-14 at that point, had the kickoff worked, the game might have taken a different turn.

"The turnovers were costly," Jones said. "But we were 20-14 and I told the kids, I said, ‘I'm gonna take chances.' The kid had executed [the onside kick] perfectly all 10 days he was here [in fall camp], but that's just something that happens to an 18-year-old when the game starts. I should have known better.

"He'll get a chance to do it again. He has some special technique for the onside kick that I've never seen before. We'll do it again. Maybe not this year, but he'll get a chance."

3. Jones called his defensive front seven "a little soft." Texas A&M quarterback went untouched all game and had incredible amounts of time once the ball was snapped.

"We definitely didn't play as physical on defense as we could have played," Jones said.

4. Jones did take a few positives away from A&M, though. SMU went 9 of 18 on third down conversions, while the Aggies were just 1 of 6. Both teams had the same amount of 12-yard runs and big passing plays.

5. Asked what he told his players after Sunday's loss, Jones said it's all about forgetting the past and moving forward:

"It's just one game. We fell short. The most important one is the next one."

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