Rishad Wimbley Looking Good at RB

The true freshman nose tackle was recently converted to running back. He may be 280 lbs., but the guy can move. Said June Jones of Wimbley, "He's a load."

Last week June Jones talked to the media about converting true freshman nose tackle Rishad Wimbley to running back. Ever since, Wimbley has taken a bunch of snaps and has looked really fast, especially for someone who is 280 lbs.

"He's a good lookin kid," Jones said. "He probably was going to redshirt this year, but when they said he was going to redshirt, I said I wanted to look at him at running back...He's big, he's fast, he's got good feet and he's smart. And he's a load."??

Jones mentioned that he has converted a defensive tackle to a running back before. When he was coaching at Hawaii, there was a 360 lb. tackle named Reagan Maui'a. Jones told him if he lost 100 lbs., "I'd get him to the NFL." He was drafted a year later and now pays fullback for the Arizona Cardinals.

"And he had never played running back before," Jones said.

I asked Jones if he told Wimbley that story and he said, "Oh yeah, sure did."??

When Wimbley got to campus this summer, he weighed over 300 lbs. Now he's 282 and says he's monitoring his diet (no carbs) and runs a mile every night that the team doesn't do conditioning in the morning.

It's obvious how hard Wimbley is working to get on the field. In practice, when he breaks through the defense in little scrimmages, he always runs it into the end zone when most players will just catch the ball and run a few feet.

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