The Empire Strikes Back

SMU head coach June Jones responded to comments made earlier this week by cross-town rival, TCU head coach Gary Patterson.

June Jones was surprisingly candid when asked about the comments TCU head coach Gary Patterson made Tuesday.

Patterson went on a rant in his weekly press conference, expressing his disdain for Jones' assessment of TCU's defensive scheme and receiver Darius Johnson saying he didn't like "these TCU people."

"On film, they don't look any different to me than they did 10 years ago," Jones said last week before the cross-town rivals met. "They just keep putting people in, doing what they do and that's why they're good.

"They don't change what they do; they stay and make people adjust to them. They might do one thing new for you a game, but they're going to do what they do and they're going to beat you. That's their attitude."

Patterson took the comments negatively, but Jones said he meant them as a compliment.

"They don't change, they do what they do and that's what good football teams do," Jones said Wednesday. "They don't care what you do, they're going to run their defense and I was just trying to explain to him that's what we do with our defense. We zone blitz off the bus and that's what we do and people know we do it and that's why we're getting good.

"But I mean, I feel bad that whoever told him what I said didn't tell him what I said, obviously. Gary is a good guy. I have no issues with him. He's always been helpful and he's a good football coach."

As far as the typical rivalry comment from Johnson, Jones said, "I think if you ask any of their players, they'd say the same thing. It comes with the territory."

Patterson also vowed during his press conference Tuesday that he would never help out Jones or SMU again.

"They shouldn't ask me about going into a conference, they shouldn't ask me about how they play, they shouldn't ask me about their players, they shouldn't ask me about anything because they're not getting any help, period, anymore," Patterson said Tuesday.

The two programs have indeed formed a relationship over the years. TCU has had much success over the past three years in particular, and SMU, a program on the rise, aspires to get to that level.

"They've been very helpful, he's been helpful," Jones said. "I know a loss sometimes, you know, makes you say things you wish you hadn't said, but I was just trying to tell him that we want to copy what he does."

Jones added, chuckling, "He said he wasn't going to help us anymore, but we're probably guaranteed a sell-out next year."

Asked if he'd reach out to Patterson, Jones smiled and said, "I think I will after he settles down a little bit."

If anything, Jones said he finds Patterson's comments sort of amusing. He's experienced similar outbursts from coaches in the past after they've lost to SMU.

"It seems like every team we have played over the years loses their mind," he said.

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