Garrett Gilbert-to-SMU Update

Sources say that SMU is Gilbert's top choice school to transfer to now that he's been released from Texas. The only thing holding him back now is applying for a medical hardship, which would grant him two seasons at his new school.

Spoke to some high level sources today that said SMU is Garrett Gilbert's first choice. The only thing holding him, and SMU, back right now is the NCAA. Gilbert is applying for a medical hardship since he had shoulder surgery at the start of Texas' season, but he cannot apply for it until his senior season, meaning next year.

A medical hardship would grant him two seasons. If he gets it, SMU would check his transcripts and likely accept him into the program. If he doesn't get the medical, SMU might not be interested because it will take a quarterback more than one year to really understand June Jones' run-and-shoot system. But again, he can't apply for it until next year, so it's up in the air as to when Gilbert will announce where he's transferring.

Starting quarterback J.J. McDermott will graduate after this season and Kyle Padron, a player who "isn't where we need him to be," according to a source, will probably play next year but then after that, Gilbert would compete with current freshman Conner Preston, who will get a redshirt this season, and 2013 commit Eddie Printz.

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