A step back?

SMU's defense played well enough to win this weekend at Southern Miss. The offense took a step back, not scoring a single touchdown. What's going on with the group that's been averaging 431 total yards and 33.7 yards per game before this weekend?

SMU only scored three points in this weekend's game. Kicker Chase Hover missed a field goal early on and Zach Line couldn't find the end zone on eight carries inside the 10-yard line.

The last time the Mustangs were held to that point total was against Texas Tech in 2006 when they lost 35-3.

J.J. McDermott only completed 50 percent of his passes, going 16 of 32.

SMU had been averaging 431 total yards and 33.7 yards per game before this weekend, and McDermott was coming off of a career-high 358-yard game against UCF the previous weekend.

Is this something to worry about heading into another huge conference road game against Tulsa this week?

Is this team getting cocky?

Are they tired?

Are injuries a bigger deal than the team is letting on to believe?

Or, is this just a no-big-deal loss and the team will jump back onto another winning streak this week?

Because the defense played well enough for SMU to win this weekend. They even forced two turnovers. The offense needs to give them hope, otherwise this season could turn out just like all the others the past 25 years.

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