Top OL prospect shows interest in SMU

Pierce Burton, a 6-foot-7, 290-pound offensive tackle, has a few offers on the table and is keeping his options open, but SMU has all the qualities he's looking for in a program. If he chooses SMU, he would be able to start at left tackle immediately.

Pierce Burton, a 6-foot-7, 290-pound offensive tackle from San Francisco City College (JUCO), has received an offer from SMU.

Burton, a sophomore, could transfer to SMU and start immediately for the next two years.

The top offensive line prospect, who has over 50 pancakes and no sacks allowed so far this season, can play on both the right and left sides, but said that coach Adrian Klemm told him he'd likely start at left tackle.

"I'm pretty comfortable with both sides because my team here at San Francisco City College is a run-speed-power type offense, so I flip sides every play," Burton said. "I'm always on the wide side of the field, facing speed pass rushers and do more pulling than the power side does, so I can play both sides equally well. That's an advantage."

Burton went to San Jose State his freshman year then transferred to JUCO his sophomore year. In addition to SMU, he has offers from Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia and Fresno State, and Ole Miss has invited him to take an official visit, but has not made an offer.

"Pretty much all of them have expressed wanting me to start at left tackle or having an opportunity to step in right away and start at left tackle," Burton said. "I believe every single school that's offered me, their left tackle is graduating."

Burton said the main things he's looking for in a school are the level of their academics, what conference they play in and how much playing time he'd get.

"I think SMU is actually the best school I'm looking at as far as [academic] ratings go," Burton said. "I'm also looking at what conference I may want to play in. There's lot of conference realignment and all these schools could be moving, so I'm factoring that in.

"Then I'm also looking at what school has the best opportunity for me to actually start. Even though all these coaches are talking about it, I really have to see how I would step in and fit with that offensive line. I'm also looking at the type of offense each team runs and see which I'd be most comfortable in."

Burton said he likes the Run and Shoot because he likes to play in a two-point stance and pass block.

"I'm in a two-point stance 90 percent of the time [in JUCO]," he said. "We run it in goal line plays and run a lot of "tackle over" so two tackles are on one side and I'm down [on those plays], but other than that, I've always been in a two-point stance so I really like that aspect of it.

"Then I think pass-blocking is what pro scouts want to see."

Before he went to San Jose State, Burton was looking at Hawaii. He said that he's heard a lot about June Jones because when he visited Hawaii, a lot of the players and coaches spoke highly of the "June Jones Era" even though he had already left for SMU by then.

Other than the good things he's heard about Jones, Burton really likes Klemm. He said he could easily see himself playing for a coach like him.

"I like that he's younger because I feel like I can connect with him more than other coaches who are recruiting me," Burton said. "He seems really enthusiastic about what he does and seems like he has a desire to win and I'd like to play for a guy like that."

Burton, along with a handful of other big-time recruits, will likely take an official visit to SMU the weekend of Dec. 3rd, providing the conference championship game is played at home. If it's not, the visits will get rescheduled.

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