Taylor Reed gets starting job back vs. Tulane

Reed apologized to his coaches and teammates for his actions that led to a week of suspension. He couldn't attend team meetings, practice, or travel with the team. He had to get his workouts in at the campus recreational center. He said he went through stages of depression, anger and then acceptance. He's going to channel all those emotions into this weekend's game and play like a "crazy man."

Junior linebacker Taylor Reed, who leads the team with 57 tackles, was suspended for last weekend's game against Tulsa.

This week, however, Reed is back. And back with a vengeance as he's mad at himself that he let his teammates down and wants to make it up to them.

"I have a lot of work to do this game," Reed said. "Gotta make up for not playing last game. I'm going to play like a crazy man."

Due to the suspension that coach June Jones had on Reed, the linebacker was not allowed at practice last week, nor was he allowed to travel to Tulsa with his teammates.

"It definitely hurt," Reed said. "He (Jones) told me I couldn't come to meetings and I can't work out with the team. I had to work out at the recreation center on campus. It hurt a lot.

"The first couple days were depressing, the next couple days I was angry, and the last few days was just acceptance. I was going through all the stages. When I was watching the game [on TV], I was just accepting it. That was my first time not traveling since I've been here."

SMU's defense gave up 451 yards of total offense without Reed in one of the worst performances of the season. Reed said he noticed that his teammates didn't look pumped up or anything.

"When I watched the game, it looked like we had no emotion, no fire in that game," he said. "[If I had been there] hopefully would have been able to fire up my teammates by my play."

Reed said he initially did not understand why Jones suspended him. He said his close friends and teammates Ja'Gared Davis, Chris Banjo, Torlan Pittman and Victor Jones explained that he needed to see where Jones was coming from through a different perspective.

"I stopped looking at it from my perspective and started looking at it through the team's perspective," Reed said. "I've apologized and now I'm back and ready to play."

Jones said that Reed will get his starting job back for the Tulane game.

"I expect him to play like he played before he left last week on that vacation," Jones said with a smile.

This weekend's game is huge for SMU, coming off two straight conference losses.

"This is not the norm, not our standards at all by no means," Reed said of his team's recent outings. "We're not playing with any emotion lately. Maybe as a team we thought we had everything figured out. Maybe we thought the wins would come to us.

"But like our coaches have been telling us, we were getting into that spotlight. We felt like we were about to break the Top 25 and we knew the target was going to be on our back. But I guess we didn't realize how hard the teams were going to come out every week and play against us."

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