Jones sees promise in young running backs

After watching Houston game film, June Jones said that his freshmen tailbacks Rishad Wimbley and Jared Williams, who took over running game duties since Zach Line was declared out for the season, looked better than he thought they did during the game. He's excited about their potential and knows they'll just get better in time.

After Saturday's game against Houston, coach June Jones said he liked what he saw from the freshmen tailback tandem of Jared Williams and Rishad Wimbley, who took over running game duties for a done-for-the-season Zach Line.

Tuesday, Jones was asked what he thought of Williams and Wimbley after watching the game film.

"I thought they played a lot better than I thought they did during the game," Jones said. "We didn't play as well on the offensive line. Turned a lot of guys loose. I thought they did their part though and Jared showed just what he showed in high school. He can make you miss and is subtle when running inside."

Asked what he thought of their pass protection skills, Jones said, "very good…very good."

Wimbley had seven carries for 18 yards and Williams had 10 carries for 11 yards. SMU finished the game with a whopping net of 24 yards rushing. Quite different from the 120-plus the Mustangs would rack up with Line.

But Jones sees promise in his young backs and says they'll only get better with more reps, more practice and more game experience.

Asked what he thought of his performance after watching the film, Wimbley wasn't as complimentary of himself as his coach was.

"I saw I need a lot of improvement…a lot…in all areas," he said. "Coach said I did well, but I still feel like I made way too many mistakes."

Wimbley said both he and Williams received plenty of positive feedback and that during the game and the whole week leading up to it, the coaches did not treat them like freshman.

"There's no such thing," Wimbley said.

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