Official visit reinforces Lewis' love for SMU

Three-star wide receiver commit Robert Lewis had a very positive weekend at SMU. He, along with seven other California recruits, were on campus for their official visits this past weekend. Lewis committed to the Mustangs back in February and said that everything about his visit - the coaches, the players, the facilities, the campus - made him more confident about his decision.

Robert Lewis, SMU's first commitment of the 2012 class, took his official visit this past weekend.

Lewis, a three-star wide receiver out of South East High School (South Gate, Calif.), had been on campus before when he was in town for a 7-on-7 tournament that SMU hosted last summer, but he had never seen the dorms, facilities, met the coaches or anything else.

"It just made me more confident about my decision and I can see myself there for four years," Lewis said.

Lewis was very enthusiastic when talking about his visit. He said he liked everything about the weekend, especially because he was accompanied by seven other recruits from California who he already knew.

"That made it even better," he said. "We had fun."

In addition to Lewis, the other California guys who visited that are currently committed to SMU are Carl Hulick, Kache Palacio, Khalil Pettway, Gabriel Marks and now, after this weekend, Chris Harper.

Lewis said he was really excited and surprised when Harper committed on Saturday.

"We were together when he did it and I thought he was joking," Lewis said. "At the time he said it, it just seemed like he was playing."

The California guys who visited but are not currently committed to the Mustangs are Raymond Ford and Lacy Westbrook.

Lewis said he and other commits talked to Ford a lot, trying to convince him a little to commit.

"He seemed to like it a lot and he said he liked it a lot, but he's still thinking," Lewis said. "But we talked to Raymond a lot."

In addition to forming camaraderie with the recruits and current SMU players, Lewis said the best part about the trip was meeting coach June Jones in person.

Sunday Lewis said he sat down and talked with Jones.

"He told me what kind of player he thinks I am and how he'd want to use me and he thinks I'm perfect for the type of offense he runs," Lewis said.

Lewis also mentioned that he talked to offensive line coach and recruiting coordinator Adrian Klemm a lot throughout the weekend. He said he also got to break down film and talk about the Run and Shoot with quarterbacks coach Dan Morrison. He said they went over receiver routes and other plays.

Lewis said the coaches told him that they could see him coming in and playing right away.

On Saturday, news broke that Jones had met with Arizona State officials in Dallas about their available coaching job. Lewis said he heard about it from a coach and was shocked.

"If he does go, coaches said that we, the guys he's recruiting, will be the first he tells if he says he's going anywhere," Lewis said.

After it was mentioned once, Lewis said he didn't hear much else regarding the topic.

If Jones does leave, Lewis isn't so sure he'd go to say ASU or UCLA because he loves SMU.

"It would be a hard decision because I don't know much about those other schools," he said. "But I'd look into it."

Lewis got to SMU on Saturday morning, a little later than most of the other recruits because he had a high school game Friday. Once he got to campus, Lewis said he got a tour of the field, locker room, equipment room and then all the recruits went back to the hotel and "we were all in the same room, just joking around and laughing and stuff."

Later they had dinner with their hosts and hung out the rest of the night.

"I like the school, I like it a lot," Lewis said. "The players are really cool and I like everything about it."

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