Marks taking his time making a decision

Gabriel Marks says he's still committed to SMU, but will take all of his official visits before making a final decision. Though June Jones told him he will coach the Mustangs throughout Marks' career there, the four-star prospect is skeptical.

Gabriel Marks is arguably the biggest get for SMU's 2012 recruiting class.

A versatile four-star athlete who can play on both sides of the ball, coaches have told Marks that if he comes to SMU, he'd start immediately at wide receiver.

But after June Jones was practically gone to Arizona State last week and now that Marks' recruiter Adrian Klemm is at UCLA, the product out of Venice High School (Los Angeles, Calif.) is having second thoughts about moving to Dallas.

"I don't know what's going to happen now," Marks said, "Klemm leaving for UCLA was big. He's a really good coach for the program. [SMU] could have used him.

"This is a big decision for me and I want to make sure I make the right one. I'm just taking my time now."

Recruits have time, as National Signing Day isn't until Feb. 1.

Although Marks wouldn't be coached by Klemm, the fact that the offensive line coach is not at SMU anymore gives the University a strike in Marks' book.

"I mean for the whole program, he's a really good recruiter," Marks said. "He's good for the whole program."

Marks said that he has talked to Klemm in the past week and that he will likely take a visit to UCLA at some point soon.

Marks said in the last few days, he's received offers from Kentucky and Washington State and plans to take visits to both.

He said he's talked to new Washington State head coach Mike Leach and thinks he's a "really interesting guy." Marks plans to take an official to Pullman in January.

"That's a really big offer," Marks said of Leach and WSU.

Unlike some other SMU commits, Marks has heard from the Mustangs' coaching staff. He said June Jones called him the other day.

"He just told me he's going to be there while I was playing there," Marks said. "He was trying to reassure me that he's not going anywhere, so that's good to hear."

Marks is a fan of the Run and Shoot and how "cool" Jones is on the sideline.

"Those are major reasons why I committed there," he said.

But the way Marks sees it, he's worried that if he trusts Jones and comes to SMU, the head coach could leave even though he said he wouldn't. Marks said he's talked to some other SMU commits from California (like Robert Lewis) and they're all a little skeptical.

"Everybody is just real worried," Marks said. "Is he going to leave next year when we get there? Stability is real important. You don't want to go to a school for a coach and not have him there when you're playing there."

Marks plans to take the rest of his official visits and then see what his gut tells him.

"Anything could happen," he said. "If I see something I really like, I have to make the best decision for me and if I need to commit to another school, that's what will be.

"But I'm committed to SMU right now."

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