Nabushosi feels welcome on official visit

Three-star defensive end Elie Nabushosi said that he would have stayed committed to SMU even if June Jones had left. He understands there are more important things that go into deciding where to go to school other than a coaching staff. He feels welcome at SMU and is excited to spend the next four years there.

One of the biggest reasons Elie Nabushosi chose SMU back in June was because he wanted to go to a school near his family.

The 6-foot-4, 240-pound defensive end out of Heritage High School in Frisco says that it's important to him that his family be able to come to every one of his home games.

This is one of the reasons why, if June Jones had left for Arizona State a few weeks ago, Nabushosi would have most likely stayed committed to the Mustangs.

"I like what's happening at SMU [being a program on the rise]," Nabushosi said. "Plus it's close to home, my family can come watch me, I can go home whenever I want, I'm really familiar with Dallas and I love Dallas."

Nabushosi did admit he was pretty confused during all that Jones chaos though, and mentioned that had the head coach left, though Nabushosi likely would have stayed committed, he probably would have looked around at other schools.

"I would have one, waited to see who the next guy in line for the job would be and two, might have opened my recruitment," he said. "But coming to SMU had a lot to do with SMU itself. Coaching changes happen a lot in college football, so I knew I had to like the school no matter what.

"Overall, I think I would have picked SMU regardless of coaches. Had coach Jones left, I'm pretty sure I would have stayed committed."

Nabushosi took his official visit a little over a week ago and loved being on campus.

"It was really great," he said. "I had a really good time with the coaches and players. I really liked the campus. I got a feel for it, what it'd be like to be there for four years. My parents had a good time, too. It was a good chance for them to get to know the coaches."

Because he lives in Frisco, Nabushosi was in attendance for quite a few SMU home games this season, so he'd been to the stadium and seen the campus before. Plus, Nabushosi has visited his cousin, freshman linebacker Jonathan Yenga, a good amount. But since this was his official visit, he got a better feeling for the school.

"I felt really welcome," Nabushosi said.

Nabushosi also talked a little bit about how excited he is that he'll be a Mustang when SMU is officially in the Big East.

"That's a really big deal," he said. "One of my cons about SMU [in the first place] was the conference. I wanted to play in a big conference with all the best athletes."

Now that high school football season is over, Nabushosi said he'll continue work out with his team in the offseason and run the 110-meter hurdles to maintain his speed.

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