Diggs gets brother's locker for Holiday Bowl

It's a special thing that the Longhorns will get ready in the San Diego Chargers locker room at Snapdragon Stadium before playing Cal in the Holiday Bowl Wednesday night, but it'll be even better for cornerback Quandre Diggs. Why? Because he'll be getting dressed at brother Quentin Jammer's Chargers locker.

SAN DIEGO--The majority of this Longhorn team has never been to a bowl game before considering the amount of youth on the roster and the fact that Texas missed the post-season last year.

So being in San Diego for the Holiday bowl is fresh and new and exciting for everyone, but it will be made a little extra special for one player in particular.

Texas will be playing at Snapdragon Stadium (formerly known as Qualcomm Stadium), home of the San Diego Chargers, Wednesday night.

Quandre Diggs, younger brother of former Longhorn and current Chargers cornerback Quentin Jammer, will get to have his brother's locker for the night.

"[Secondary coach] Duane Akina worked it out that we will be in the Chargers dressing room and Duane also worked it out where Quandre will have Quentin's locker," Mack Brown said at the Holiday Bowl press conference Tuesday.

Jammer played at Texas from 1997-2001.

Brown says the brothers are similar yet very different players.

"They both love football," Brown said. "Quentin is long-armed, taller and one of the best corners in the NFL.

"Quandre is a much better ball-catcher. Quentin is a great cover guy, very physical. Quandre is physical, fundamentally sound and the credit goes back to his brother because he raised him."

Diggs has been to San Diego to work out with his brother and learn from him and his Chargers teammates.

"Quandre does so much for us," Brown said. "Plays corner, punt returns, kick offs…he does so much. We're gonna have to go back and look at that in the spring and make sure he isn't doing too much."

It's a special thing for the Longhorns to get ready for Cal in an NFL team's locker room, even better for Diggs.

"But it's not going to make him any taller," Brown joked.

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