Texas needs "dominating" tight ends

Mack Brown is looking at linemen on both sides of the ball to give Texas a new look at tight end. The Longhorns have receiver types at the position, but in Bryan Harsin's offense, Texas wants someone like Luke Poehlmann, Chris Whaley or Greg Daniel in that spot.

SAN DIEGO--As announced earlier this week, backup tight ends Ahmard Howard and Dominique Jones will miss the Holiday Bowl due to academic ineligibility, but Mack Brown says there are a few other guys in the works at the position.

Texas will lose Blaine Irby after this season and have guys like Barrett Matthews, D.J. Grant, Trey Graham and Darius Terrell moving up in the spot, but with Bryan Harsin's offense, the look of the tight end is changing.

"We really need some dominating tight ends in this offense," Brown said. "And since we've changed who we are at tight end – we got more receiver types like [former Longhorns] David Thomas and Bo Scaife – we'd like to have a 265-pound guy that's big and strong and who can create an edge on your sweep and clean out on your power play."

Brown said that's where someone like offensive lineman Luke Poehlmann comes into play.

The coaches were thinking of trying out Chris Whaley at tight end against Cal, but the defensive tackle has been having back spasms while the Longhorns have been in San Diego. He won't be used on offense tomorrow night in the Holiday Bowl, but he will play on defense.

Brown said that with Whaley not practicing at tight end, that gives guys like Terrell the chance to get more work.

The Texas head coach said that he'll look at Whaley and defensive tackle Greg Daniels at tight end this spring.

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